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Top 6 Upcoming Apple Watch Games You Need to Check Out

Come Friday April 24, the first batch of Apple Watches will find themselves into the hands of eager owners. Apple’s wearable tech will obviously bring a lot of cool features into the table especially with conjunction to iPhone apps. But, what about gaming? The Apple Watch is obviously not the most suitable to gaming, thanks to its micro screen. However with Apple’s massive userbase and the large number of pre-orders, there’s no doubt that many game developers will capitalize and make a killing. Here are the top 6 Apple Watch games you should check out on your new wearable gadget.

Top 6 Apple Watch Games You Should Play

Best Fiends

Best Fiends can be described as a game similar to Candy Crush but with some neat RPG elements. Like Candy Crush, Best Fiends is definitely a crowd pleaser. Developer Seriously has already announced that Best Fiends will come to the Apple Watch, not as a full game but a companion app. Basically, you will send one of your insect warriors into an adventure across the world of Minutia. Whatever loot your character has gained will be transported to the main game which can be used for upgrades. Best Fiends can be devilishly tough on later levels, so you’ll need all the help you can get.


Spy_Watch is created by Bossa Studios, developer of unique, innovative titles like Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread. This game will turn your Apple Watch into a handy spy management device. As a guy who runs your own spy agency, the goal of the game is to have you train operatives and send them to exciting espionage missions. All for the glory of your agency! The Apple Watch focuses on notifications and Spy_Watch is a game designed based on that.

Watch Quest

Watch Quest Best Apple Watch Games
Playing an RPG on that micro screen, surely you jest? Well, apparently it’s happening. Watch Quest features characters from WayForward’s Shantae series. Players will manage inventory and do some planning on the iPhone while the watch face is used for the hero’s exploration, combat and puzzle solving. Watch Quest is a free-to-play game with IAP purchases for new quests. Watch Quest is not available on iTunes yet but WayForward said that the game will launch on April 24th.

Watch This Homerun

Watch This Homerun Best Apple Watch Games
Watch This Homerun is one of the first sports games for Apple Watch, and as you might have guessed, it’s a baseball game. It’s basically “baseball distilled” which means the game will only feature the singular face-off between the batter and pitcher. Accurate timing and well-placed taps is the name of the game. Developer Eyes Wide Games is planning to release more low-commitment sports games for some short bursts of fun gameplay on the go.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack Best Apple Watch Games
If you love answering trivia questions, then you will have no doubt heard of or even played Trivia Crack. As the title suggests, it’s pretty much a trivia game in crack form. Now, the #1 trivia game in the US and Canada can now be played on the Apple Watch. You can have a go at these crowd-sourced questions without needing to take out your iPhone. Trivia addicts, be advised!


Runeblade claims to be the “first Apple Watch exclusive role playing game” which is not exactly true because Watch Quest is coming out as well. In this game, you are some High Priestess tasked with saving the world from all sorts of monsters and whatnot. Many of your attacks will require some charging times so you will end up checking your watch every now and then to finish some fights. Developer Everywear Games is a team formed specifically for developing smartwatch games.

These are just the first wave of Apple Watch games that will give you the chance to try out smartwatch gaming. Expect to see more games announced and developed for Apple’s new wearable tech once it becomes available.

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