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NextGenUI5 for iOS 8 – A Mind-Blowing Theme That Completely Changes the iPhone UI

One of the main draws of jailbreaking is that it gives you the ability to customize your iPhone or iPad and truly make it your own. In terms of customizations, the iOS community has plenty of options from installing Winterboard themes to personalizing various UI elements. However, there are special jailbreak tweaks that not only completely changes how iOS looks but also how it operates. If you love some crazy customization for your iPhone, then NextGenUI5 is a jailbreak theme that you need to check out.

NextGenUI5 Theme for iOS 8
If you have watched your fair share of science fiction movies and TV shows, then you should be familiar with the cool-looking, futuristic interface that computers have in such a genre. All these floating menus, interconnecting circular patterns and dynamic animated nodes are what exactly NextGenUI5 is bringing to the table. NextGenUI5 will completely overhaul the look of your iPhone UI and it’s pretty mind-blowing.
NextGenUI5 Theme for iOS 8
NextGenUI5 removes the pages from your Springboard and replaces it with one big page that you can actually navigate. In this main page screen, you will see the main animated node which is your main “iPhone” button. Tap the button and you will be shown a list of your apps or you can choose to search for the app you need just like with Spotlight.
NextGenUI5 Theme for iOS 8
As for the vast empty space that is now your Springboard, you can place an app (basically a shortcut), widget, or create folders (referred to as data store in this theme) by tapping and holding any empty space. Creating an app, widget or folder will create a node which is neatly interconnected with other nodes. Tapping and holding down a node will display a list of functions like the option to modify which app is assigned to that node. For a comprehensive walkthrough of NextGenUI5, see this video courtesy of iTwe4kz:

NextGenUI5 is truly a mind-blowing jailbreak theme that will turn your iPhone into a science fiction fan’s wet dream. With such a high quality theme, it also comes with a rather steep price of $4.99 under ModMyi. However as you can see, we believe that the price tag is worth it for a theme of this caliber.

Are you interested in getting this theme? [via iPhoneHacks]

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