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How to Enable / Disable Motion and Fitness Tracking on iPhone

Apple is concerned about your health so the company introduced the new Health app as one of the new features of iOS 8. At first look, the Health app might look like very simple but it actually hides a lot of data and some fairly advanced features. However, many users are either not that concerned for their health, they don’t need the Health app for fitness purposes, or they just want to save precious battery life. Here’s a simple guide on how to enable / disable Motion and Fitness Tracking on iPhone.

Motion and Fitness on iOS 8

What is Motion and Fitness on iOS 8?

Many users are unaware that Motion and Fitness tracking is enabled by default and is running in the background. With Motion and Fitness enabled, your iPhone will track your motions even without needing another similar fitness app opened. Motion and Fitness will track the number of steps you take, total distance traveled, and even the altitude of your activity. As you might have guessed, having Motion and Fitness running in the background can chip away at your battery life. If you think you don’t need Motion and Fitness and you want it disabled, just follow the steps below.

How to Enable / Disable Motion & Fitness Tracking on iPhone:

  1. Launch the Settings app, look for Privacy and tap it.
  2. iOS 8 Privacy

  3. While in Privacy, scroll a little bit down and tap Motion & Fitness.
  4. iOS 8 Motion and Fitness

  5. You should see the Fitness Tracking option with the toggle switch. Toggle the switch to enable or disable.
  6. Disable Fitness Tracking iOS 8

Once disabled, Fitness Tracking will no longer retain motion feedback for third-party fitness apps, sleep monitors and the Health app. This also means that the distances you’ve traveled and the steps you take will not be monitored. If you are using the Health app or other motion tracking apps, then it goes without saying that you should leave Fitness Tracking on. On the other hand, if you are not using the Health app and other similar motion tracking apps, you can leave it disabled to save some battery life.

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