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Couria Jailbreak Tweak Adds Quick Compose & Improves Quick Reply on iOS 8

There is no shortage of jailbreak tweaks that can improve the iOS Messages app and iMessage. With iOS 8’s release, Apple rolled out a new Quick Reply feature which is something that users have been clamoring for. But this doesn’t mean that the feature doesn’t have room for improvements. A new jailbreak tweak called Couria aims to take the Quick Reply feature to the next level.

Couria for iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweak
While iOS 8 Messages certainly does have the handy Quick Reply feature now, it’s still quite limited since you only get to type your message in a text field under the notification banner. Couria is improving the feature by enabling users to access the Quick Reply feature in a full screen interface. Basically, you can swipe the notification banner all the way down so you can use the Quick Reply function in full screen. The full screen interface will also display the complete conversation with your recipient.

On top of that, Couria also brings another useful feature to the table which is the Quick Compose. As the name suggests, users will be able to quickly compose a new message anywhere on the iOS 8, even when on the lockscreen. To invoke Quick Compose from anywhere, an Activator gesture can be assigned using the tweak’s built-in settings.
Couria Settings
Another neat thing about the Couria jailbreak tweak is that it’s actually theme-able. You can choose from three different appearances: Original, Outline and Custom. The Custom option lets the users choose a custom color for the text and conversation bubble. You may also enable the ‘Authentication Required’ toggle so it will require to authenticate when Quick Reply is invoked from the lockscreen.
Couria for iOS 8
Couria for iOS 8 is a neat, little tweak that will surely come in handy for those who text or iMessage their friends on a daily basis. Couria for iOS 8 is a free tweak and is available through the BigBoss repo.

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