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These Are The Apple Watch Status Icons & What They Mean

There’s no doubt that the hottest thing right now in the world of tech is the Apple Watch. Apple’s new wearable tech has a lot of great features (it can even play games) but one of the most useful ones are the status icons located at the top of the watch face. These status icons are very important because it informs you if you have unread notifications and more, at a glance.

These Are The Apple Watch Status Icons & What They Mean
Most of the Apple Watch status icons should be familiar to most since they’ve been imported from iOS. But there are few new ones as well. With that said, here are the status icons on the Apple Watch and what they mean.

  • Apple Watch Notification IconNotification – as a device that focuses on notifications, this is the status icon that you should take note of. It informs you that you have unread notifications.
  • Apple Watch Locked IconLocked – you will see this icon if the Apple Watch is not on your wrist and is locked using a passcode.
  • Apple Watch Loading IconLoading – here’s the dreaded loading icon which is found on the iOS as well. You’ll typically see this icon during active processes and wireless activities.
  • Apple Watch Disconnected from iPhone iconDisconnected from your iPhone – this icon will be displayed if the connection between the watch and your iPhone has been lost. This can occur if Bluetooth on the iPhone is disabled or the iDevice went out of range.
  • Apple Watch Do Not Disturb IconDo Not Disturb – another icon that should be familiar with iOS users. This icon is displayed when Do Not Disturb mode has been enabled on the iPhone or Apple Watch. During Do Not Disturb mode, calls and alerts will be silenced and the screen won’t light up.
  • Apple Watch Airplane Mode IconAirplane Mode – yet another familiar icon that is shown whenever the watch is in Airplane mode. This can also mean that the watch isn’t longer connected to the iPhone, something that’s recommended if you want to save battery on the iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • Apple Watch Charging IconCharging – the icon is displayed whenever the watch is charging.

There will be instances where multiple icons will be displayed. There’s actually a switch in the Apple Watch setting that when enabled, it will mirror the iPhone. For example, if you set your iPhone in Airplane mode, the same will be applied to the Apple Watch. This way, you don’t have to set both devices.

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