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OneHandWizard Jailbreak Tweak: The Best Solution for One-Handed Use on iOS

What makes jailbreak tweaks great is their ability to improve an existing feature and completely blow it out of the water. This is now the case with Reachability, a feature that is meant to make the larger iPhones friendly for one-handed use. While Apple certainly do mean well with Reachability, most users feel like it’s still rough around the edges and fairly limited. This new featured jailbreak tweak looks to provide an intuitive and slick one-handed interface to iOS.

OneHandWizard Jailbreak Tweak
The featured jailbreak tweak we have for you today is called OneHandWizard. This tweak promises full one-handed use for the newer, larger iPhones: the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. OneHandWizard aims to supersede and replace the built-in Reachability feature with a functionality of its own. Unlike Reachability which only slides down the top-part of the UI elements, OneHandWizard provides users with full access to the interface, only a scaled down size. Here’s a video of the tweak in action courtesy of iDownloadBlog:

As you can see, OneHandWizard gives you full access to all the UI elements of the screen including all the app icons and you can even easily invoke the Notification Center. With the scaled down interface, you can easily reach and navigate the iPhone with only one hand. To call the OneHandWizard interface, you just need to double-tap the Home button. If you have used a recent Samsung device before, you will know that it has a similar one-handed solution.
OneHandWizard Jailbreak Tweak_2
Another cool thing about the OneHandWizard jailbreak tweak is the fact that it is highly customizable. You can easily switch between left and right handed use simply by swiping to the opposite direction of the black area of the tweak’s interface. You think that the scaled down interface is too big or too small? It’s a good thing that you can also resize the screen by dragging the corners of the OneHandWizard interface.
OneHandWizard Jailbreak Tweak Left Right Handed
What about the actions that would require you to use both your hands like taking a screenshot or locking the screen? OneHandWizard has got you covered as well. All you need to do is to tap the three-lined hamburger button and you will be presented with an overlay that will perform certain actions with just a single tap. The actions are: volume up / down, mute / unmute, bringing up the notifications, lock screen and taking a screenshot.

If you have a device that doesn't support the Reachability feature, OneHandWizard has an Activator section so you can assign a gesture that will call upon the one-handed mode.
OneHandWizard Activator
The OneHandWizard jailbreak tweak is available via the BigBoss repo for $3.99. This is seriously a great tweak that might just be the best one-hand solution for the iOS.

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