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How to Block Ads in iOS 7 [No Jailbreak Required]

Popular apps such as YouTube, Pandora and Hulu Plus are all great to use but they are often filled with ads. An ad or two is probably not a big deal for most folks but when you get a ridiculous number of these distracting advertisements, it can get really annoying fast. Today, we will share a recently-released ad blocker that block ads in iOS 7 and from apps like YouTube, Pandora and Hulu Plus: no jailbreak required.

How to Block Ads in iOS 7

Weblock Logo

To block ads in iOS 7, you simply need to install Weblock - AdBlock for iOS from developers FutureMind. Unfortunately, the app is not currently free (although it was offered for free for a limited time) and will set you back a $1.99. However, as far as ad blockers go, Weblock is definitely high up on our list. It can block pretty much any obtrusive online content such as ads, popups, user trackers, stats and more. It can also block social media services like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. And as mentioned, it can block ads from YouTube, Pandora and Hulu Plus.

Weblock - Adblock for iOS_0

Unlike most content filtering solutions, Weblock doesn't act as a proxy server, so your connection will remain fast and private. NOTE: If you are running VPN on iPhone, this app will not work. Additionally, ad blocking only works if you are on WiFi. Blocking on data plan connections is still a work in progress.

How to Configure Weblock - AdBlock for iOS:

Upon purchasing and installing Weblock from the iTunes App Store, you'll see that some ad servers are already blocked by default. You can view these ad servers via AdServers and Generic AdServers.

How to Block Ads in iOS 7_0

To start blocking ads, tap the three line menu found at the top-left. Tap Setup from the menu and you'll see a mini-guide instructing you how to enter a proxy URL. Weblock will use the dummy proxy for rerouting all ad requests. Basically, you just tap the proxy URL, copy it, navigate to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Select your Wifi network -> Set HTTP Proxy to Auto, then paste the link. Reboot your device for good measure.

Weblock Setup Block Ads in iOS 7

How to Block Ads in Pandora and Hulu Plus Apps:

To block Hulu Plus and Pandora ads, simply enable the Block Hulu ads and Block Pandora ads options. Restart both applications and you'll see that both apps will be now ad free. In the case of Hulu Plus, ads will replaced with a black loading screen.

Block Pandora Ads
Block Hulu Plus Ads

How to Block Ads in YouTube App:

To block YouTube ads, you simply need to install Weblock and that's it. There is an option to block YouTube app ads but it could lead to issues as reported by other users. Simply install Weblock and you're good to go.

Block YouTube Ads on iPhone

You can also block other services such as Pinterest, Disqus, and even MySpace (if anyone's still using it). Keep in mind that Weblock is not a free app but it is definitely a worthwhile purchase considering how effective it is to block ads in iOS 7.

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