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How to Improve iOS 7 Text Selection on iPhone

While iOS has long established itself as a very solid mobile operating system, there are plenty of annoyances about the system as well. One long-time annoyance that I have with iOS is when trying to edit text messages, emails, iMessages and others, due to how you select words and phrases. Pinching on specific letters, highlighting and long-tapping phrases just feels archaic and downright frustrating. Now that the iOS 7 jailbreak is out, here's how you can improve iOS 7 text selection on iPhone.

How to Improve iOS 7 Text Selection on iPhone:

  1. As mentioned, you will need to have a jailbroken device before you can proceed. In case you haven't done that yet, simply refer to our iOS 7 jailbreak guide.
  2. After jailbreaking your iPhone, launch Cydia.
  3. Search for the jailbreak tweak called SwipeSelection. Don't worry, you don't need to pay for anything since this is a free tweak.
  4. How to Improve iOS 7 Text Selection on iPhone

  5. Install SwipeSelection and reboot / respring your device if necessary.
  6. And you are pretty much done! You have just improved the text selection on iOS 7 using SwipeSelection tweak.

How to Use SwipeSelection Tweak?

Aside from being a free jailbreak tweak, SwipeSelection is also very easy to use. You just need to keep in mind a few key gestures.

  • To move the cursor: swipe across the keyboard from any direction you want, depending where you want to put the cursor. This saves you from painstakingly pinching letters and spaces just to position the cursor.
  • SwipeSelection Cydia Tweak1

  • To highlight texts: swipe the keyboard from the shift key to the backspace key. You can swipe in both directions depending on how you want to highlight the texts.
  • SwipeSelection Cydia Tweak2

And there you have it! SwipeSelection is a very simple tweak but it becomes an essential once you realize how it can improve iOS 7 text selection on iPhone. For more awesome jailbreak tweaks, check out our Top Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7.

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