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How to Completely Remove Slow Animations & Speed Up iOS 7

Have you ever felt disoriented and sick ever since iOS 7? Plenty of folks have complained of getting motion sickness while using their iDevice which was due to the new animations and effects (parallax) with Apple's latest mobile OS. Reducing motion via the Accessibility menu can improve things a bit by replacing the transitions with a fade-in-fade-out effect. But as it turned out, many users don't like the fade effect as well. Today, we'll share a tip to speed up iOS 7 and remove animations altogether. However, you need a jailbroken device.

How to Completely Remove Slow Animations & Speed Up iOS 7:

How to Remove Animations Completely & Speed Up iOS 7

  1. You need to jailbreak your device. For an in-depth tutorial, check out our iOS 7 jailbreak post.
  2. Before installing the tweak, the developer recommends that you enable Reduce Motion. Navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility then turn on Reduce Motion.
  3. Now launch Cydia and look for the tweak called NoSlowAnimations.
  4. NoSlowAnimations Cydia Tweak

  5. Install the tweak and you will be asked to reboot.
  6. After rebooting, you should notice that animations are completely removed. Tapping on a menu or app will bring up the next screen instantly, giving you the impression of improved, faster performance.

And that's how you completely remove animations and speed up iOS 7! There are no icons on the Springboard or options to configure. In case you don't like the effect of the NoSlowAnimations tweak, simply uninstall it from Cydia and everything will be back to normal. Let us know in the comment section if you have any questions or what do you think of this tweak.

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