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Top 6 Best Touch ID Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone 5s

The Touch ID is undoubtedly the most popular feature of Apple's latest handset, the iPhone 5s. With the jailbreak being available to all iOS 7 supported devices, it was not long enough before we see an influx of Cydia tweaks for the iPhone 5s' main selling feature, the Touch ID. This is a good time for iPhone 5s users who think that the Touch ID should be able to do more than authentication purposes. These are the best Touch ID jailbreak tweaks for iPhone 5s.

Top 6 Best Touch ID Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone 5s

Top 6 Best Touch ID Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone 5s

Virtual Home

Virtual Home Best Touch ID Jailbreak Tweaks

One of the components of iPhone that gets the most abuse is definitely the Home button. With a broken Home button, using an iPhone quickly becomes frustrating. Virtual Home is the first Touch ID-based tweak released for the iPhone 5s and it aims to lessen the stress on the Home button. You can do a single tab to simulate a Home button press and tap and hold to access the multitasking view. It's a pretty good tweak if you need to give your Home button a break. Virtual Home is available via BigBoss repo for FREE.


Activator Best Touch ID Jailbreak Tweaks

This long-time favorite of the jailbreak community has returned in iOS 7 and is now better than ever, especially for iPhone 5s users. Aside from the tons of gestures that Activator already offers, legendary tweak developer Ryan Petrich has updated the tweak to support Touch ID. So for each fingerprint that you've assigned to Touch ID, you can assign an Activator gesture. For example, Finger 1 can launch a certain app, Finger 2 can play the music and so on. However, it seems it's still on beta so you will need to add this repo to install:


AppLocker Best Touch ID Jailbreak Tweaks

The AppLocker Cydia tweak isn't exactly new but was only recently updated in order to support the Touch ID. As the name suggests, AppLocker locks down your apps and protect them from "users" that happen to be not you. With the new version, instead of locking down apps using the passcode, they can now only be accessed with a registered fingerprint. Although AppLocker still shows the passcode screen along with the Touch ID verification. AppLocker is available via ModMyi for $0.99.


BioProtect Best Touch ID Jailbreak Tweaks

BioProtect is the very first Touch ID jailbreak tweak that addresses the iPhone's app security. Like with AppLocker, BioProtect protects your apps and data from unauthorized access by locking them using Touch ID. Although this Touch ID tweak offers the same function as AppLocker (and later with another tweak), it makes up for it by giving a rather impressive interface. The initial launch of BioProtect had some overheating issues but it should be fixed with the latest version. BioProtect is a little on the expensive side for $2.99 from BigBoss.


BioLockdown Best Touch ID Jailbreak Tweaks

BioLockDown is the Touch ID-specific tweak you would want to choose if you are buying based on the developer's track record. This tweak came from none other than Ryan Petrich, maker of the previously mentioned Activator and other jailbreak greats like OverBoard, HapticPro, RetinaPad, and many others. Ryan's approach is more extensive as it offers more options and you can even protect the Control Center toggles and various settings. A top-notch tweak of its kind. BioLockDown is yours for $1.99 via BigBoss.


Touchy Best Touch ID Jailbreak Tweaks

Similar to what Activator can do, Touchy is a neat way for you to launch your apps. Touchy enables the users to assign pretty much any app to individual fingerprints. So if for some reason you are not comfortable with Activator being on the beta stage, then you can grab Touchy in Cydia but it will cost you $1.99.

And there you have, some of the best Touch ID jailbreak tweaks that you can find in Cydia right now. You can trust that more innovative tweaks that utilize the Touch ID will come in the future. If you don't want to run into conflicts, we suggest that you don't install all these tweaks at once. Just choose the ones that best suit your needs.

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