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11 Must-Have iOS 7 Winterboard Themes For iPhone & iPod Touch

Tricking out your iPhone by installing various themes is certainly one of the main selling points of jailbreaking. It was not too long ago when Winterboard has been updated for iOS 7 and A7-devices compatibility. This just means that we'll be seeing plenty of gorgeous iOS 7 Winterboard themes to hit Cydia. So we'll be giving a collection of the best iOS 7 Winterboard themes that are available for iPhone & iPod touch right now.

11 Must-Have iOS 7 Winterboard Themes For iPhone & iPod Touch

11 Must-Have iOS 7 Winterboard Themes For iPhone

Zanilla 2

Zanilla 2 Best iOS 7 Winterboard Themes

Zanilla 2 shines for its absolute elegance thru simplicity. While many Winterboard themes rely on completely changing the look and feel of iOS, this theme further enhances iOS 7's aesthetics. The theme places drop shadows on the icons which gives them a textured look. Zanilla 2 is an elegant theme that doesn't change much but still manages to impress. Download Zanilla 2 from deviantART and manually install by placing the Zanilla.theme file in the /Library/Themes/ directory. Use iFile, iExplorer or iFunBox.

Grab Zanilla 2 Theme for FREE


Circulus Best iOS 7 Winterboard Themes

As the name implies, Circulus is a theme that transforms the default square icons into rounded ones. It's yet another theme that doesn't change much but still manages to change the look and feel of a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. New icons are also available in Circulus but unsupported ones will also benefit from the rounded-edge treatment so they don't look out of place. Circulus is a free Winterboard theme from Cydia.

Download Circulus Theme for FREE


Translucent Best iOS 7 Winterboard Themes

Translucent is the go-to Winterboard theme for those who love translucent designs. The theme strips away the colorful icons of iOS 7 and replaces them with gorgeous white ones with a little bit of opacity. There's a solid community behind Translucent, so more icon support will be available in the future. Translucent is yet another theme that you can grab from Cydia for free.

Download Translucent Theme for FREE

Soft Remix

Soft Remix Best iOS 7 Winterboard Themes

If you know your Winterboard themes, then Soft Remix will probably remind you of the fan-favorite  Suave HD theme. Soft Remix for iOS 7 actually makes the Home screen icons smaller and giving them rounded edges. Soft Remix also features plenty of custom icons and don't that aren't supported won't stand out like a sore thumb. As of this writing, more icon requests are being fulfilled. Grab Soft Remix in Cydia for free.

Download Soft Remix for FREE


Ayecon Best iOS 7 Winterboard Themes

ayecon is one of the most popular themes for iOS 6 and has certainly gained a following of its own. And now, designer Surenix has released a new iOS 7 version of the popular Winterboard theme. If you have missed the skeuomorphic design pre-iOS 7, then ayecon is a good option for you. The theme comes with 100+ icons and even the unsupported ones are given a mask so they don't stick out that much. ayecon is available from BigBoss for $2.99.

Download ayecon Theme for $2.99

0bscure 7

0bscure 7 Best iOS 7 Winterboard Themes

So what happens when you completely strip iOS 7 with all its colors? Well, you get this very cool Winterboard theme called 0bscure 7. This is one of those themes that only feature the colors black and white. It's looks very simple but it doesn't fail to appear stylish and elegant. Perfect for those who have black or white iPhones. 0bscure 7 (with a zero) can be bought in Cydia for $0.99.

Download 0bscure 7 Theme for $0.99


Solstice Best iOS 7 Winterboard Themes

Much like the previously listed Zanilla, Solstice also uses drop shadows to add a more textured effect to the icons. Only this time, the shadows are longer and more pronounced. And the result is this dramatic, textured look which is nothing short of eye-popping. It supports over 90 apps and the developer promises to add more daily. Best of all, Solstice can be yours for FREE via the ModMyi repository.

Download Solstice Theme for FREE


Oil7 Best iOS 7 Winterboard Themes

Perhaps one of the more original concepts that you can find when it comes to iOS 7 Winterboard themes. As you might have guessed from the name, Oil7 gives the icons an oil paint finish which looks definitely unique. Not really a theme for everyone but its unique concept does gives it a slight edge. You can try it out by downloading it via the BigBoss repository.

Download Oil7 Theme for FREE


M’flat Best iOS 7 Winterboard Themes

Among the newer iOS 7 Winterboard themes available, M’flat is the theme that got everybody talking. Aside from the expected flat design and the muted colors, M’flat embellishes the icons' background with beautiful landscapes. It's a beautiful theme no doubt and perfectly complements the look and design of iOS 7. Download M'flat from this link for FREE. Here's a reddit thread explaining how to install this theme.

Download M’flat Theme for FREE


Aura Best iOS 7 Winterboard Themes

Aura is a theme created by ApexTeam who are planning to release one theme only, and continue to provide support. Much like Soft Remix, Aura overhauls the icons but is much flatter and have a more rounded look. Drop shadows are also utilized for giving the icons a raised texture. Another gorgeous theme that you can't afford to miss. Get this theme from Cydia for $2.99.

Download Aura Theme for $2.99


Jaku Best iOS 7 Winterboard Themes

Back in iOS 6, if I want super detailed icons, then Jaku is my top pick. Just look at that meticulously crafted icons. The attention to detail is simply amazing. Jaku is also highly customizable which means that if there is an icon that you don't like, you can replace it with other ones. It's a premium theme for a reason.

Download Jaku Theme for $2.99

So these are the best iOS 7 Winterboard themes that you can download now for your iPhone & iPod touch. The jailbreak is only new so not everything will work as intended, especially for A7 devices. Rest assured, theme developers are hard at work to create more themes and even port old, favorite ones to iOS 7. So what's your favorite iOS 7 Winterboard themes so far?

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