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Top 5 Best Chore Management Apps for iPhone & iPad

Doing housework is tough, a sentiment shared by many of us. Being on top of household work such as tracking chores, tending to the children, making grocery lists and so on, can be quite a handful. Good for you if you have a housekeeper but who actually does these days? To help you out, we have collected several apps to help you manage chores effectively.

Top 5 Best Chore Management Apps for iPhone & iPad

Top 5 Best Chore Management Apps for iPhone & iPad

5. Chore Hero

Chore Hero Best Chore Management Apps

Let's start this list with a very decent chore management application. I said decent because Chore Hero does things as advertised. You can add and customize your own chores as well as assign them to people. To help keep track of household members and their chores, you can actually create profiles. And to make things fair, you can actually track which household member is doing the most work. It's not really the best in terms of design and interface but it's still highly functional for basic chore management.

Download Chore Hero for $2.99

4. EpicWin

EpicWin Best Chore Management Apps

Want to make your chores and to-do list to be more fun and rewarding? Then you will need to check out EpicWin. This app may look like a streamlined to-do list at first but it has actually added a unique role-playing spin. So instead of simply doing and ticking your chores, completing each task will earn you experience points which is used to improve your in-app character. With this unique point reward system, you will always stay encouraged to get things done. This is also a great app for kids and teens.

Download EpicWin  for $2.99

3. ChoreMonster

ChoreMonster Best Chore Management Apps

One of the best helpers that you can have at home are undoubtedly your kids. However, if you think that having them help with household chores would be easy, then you've got another thing coming. Eliminate the tedium associated with having your little ones help with the chores using the ChoreMonster app. Kids will earn points by completing their chores which they can use to earn rewards like ice cream, an hour of video games, or perhaps a camping trip if you are feeling generous. Don't be surprised if your kids will start begging you to give them chores.

Download ChoreMonster for FREE (with monthly memberships)

2. You Rule Chores

You Rule Chores Best Chore Management Apps

You Rule Chores is one of those many chore management apps which are targeted for households with children. As the parent, you are given the role of the referee and your children can choose from many different superhero characters to represent them. With each chores completed, your kids can earn coins which can be used for rewards like allowance, toys or privileges. Completed chores also develop your kids' characters to gain new powers and gadgets. It's a highly creative chore management application which proves that chores doesn't have to be boring.

Download You Rule Chores for $3.99

1. HomeRoutines

HomeRoutines Best Chore Management Apps

If you are living alone or you're just simply tasked of doing the household chores, HomeRoutines is the perfect app for you. As far as chore management apps go, HomeRoutines is widely considered to be an essential and it's easy to see why. Your chores are broken down by days and each day is also broken down into morning and evening chores. One notable feature of HomeRoutines is the Focus Zones which assigns specific days to certain sections of your house. The way this app can keep your chores organized is simply amazing which makes it one of the best chore management apps.

Download HomeRoutines for $4.99

So what do you think of this list? Any chore management apps you would like to add?

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