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Here’s How You Can Trick Your Friends Using This iMessage Prank

If you have been using iMessage for quite a while now, you should know there is a typing indicator which shows if the person on the other end is typing something. If you're like most people, you will wait for the other person to finish typing and read his or her message before sending in a response. Who knows this particular brief anticipation can actually be used as a funny prank? Here's how you can drive your friends crazy using this cool iMessage prank.

iMessage iOS 7

How to Prank Your Friends Using iMessage:

    1. Navigate to this website and save the gif into your iPhone's camera roll by tapping and holding the image and choosing “Save Image.”

iMessage Typing Prank

  1. Launch the iMessage compose window and tap the camera icon. Select the image that you have just saved.
  2. Now you can simply send the image to many of your friends. Obviously, this will only work if your friend is using an iOS device, otherwise this will not be much of a prank.
  3. To get the most out of this prank, it is recommended that you send in the image while you're in the middle of the conversation.

Now wasn't that simple? It's not exactly a "pure evil" prank but it's a funny one nonetheless. Have fun pranking your friends!

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