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Top 10 Must See iPhone App Deals of the Week [10/20/2013]

Welcome ladies and gentlemen for yet another edition of Jaxov's weekly top iPhone app deals. Once again, we will be bringing your attention to the very best app deals, discounts, and of course, freebies you can find in the App Store. And again, we make sure that these app deals are absolutely worth your time and money. May you find something that tickles your fancy in this week's best app deals. Here's the Top 10 Must See iPhone App Deals of the Week!

Top 10 Must See iPhone App Deals of the Week [10/20/13]

Air Projector (.99 -> FREE)

Air Projector iPhone App Deals

Here's a pretty good productivity app that you should check out. Air Projector projects PDF documents and photos wirelessly from your iPhone or iPod Touch to a web browser connected on the same local network. No additional client software is required. This app works great with exported PDFs from PowerPoint or Keynote.

Microsoft Remote Desktop (FREE)

Microsoft Remote Desktop iPhone App Deals

If you are looking for a good remote desktop application and a free one at that, then Microsoft Remote Desktop should be enough for your needs. It was only been released a few days ago along with Windows 8.1. Now you can easily connect to your work PC and resources from almost anywhere. It's a free app, so feel free to give it a try.

ARC Squadron: Redux (FREE)

ARC Squadron Redux iPhone App Deals

Space shooters are a plenty when it comes to the App Store, however if you want an experience that will remind you of StarFox, then ARC Squadron: Redux is worth checking out. The graphics are great, packs a sixty level campaign, fifteen challenge levels, nine boss battles and upgradeable ships and weapons. Definitely not bad for a free app.

1Writer (2.99 -> $.99)

1Writer iPhone App Deals

1Writer is a Markdown text editor with many elegant features. This iOS 7-ready app is packed with features like Dropbox and iCloud syncing, support local folders, hashtags to group related documents, bolding, bullet lists and many others. Definitely worth checking out especially when the developers are giving a good discount.

Heroes and Castles (2.99 -> $.99)

Heroes and Castles iPhone App Deals

Heroes and Castles is unique blend of 3rd person Action-RPG, strategy and castle defense where you will be defending against hordes of the undead, orcs and goblins. Aside from controlling a powerful, you also get to build an army to fight beside you. For added defense, you may also upgrade your castle so it will not fall easily before the enemy. Be warned though, this game is fairly resource intensive.

Mega Dead Pixel (FREE)

Mega Dead Pixel iPhone App Deals

There is certainly no shortage of retro-style games found in the App Store. In fact, one can say that there is simply way too many of them. If you don't mind adding another retro-pixel style into your game library, then we suggest you download Mega Dead Pixel now. Yes, it's one of those games that is simple to play but hard to master.

Secrets Folder Pro (1.99 -> FREE)

Secrets Folder Pro iPhone App Deals

Just because you can't be so sure these days, it certainly won't hurt to add an extra layer of protection into your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. For starters, you can install an app that will protect all your sensitive data from just about anyone who gets their hands on your device. In that case, we recommend Secrets Folder Pro, an app that will protect your important photos, videos, notes, contacts, bank accounts, voice memos and more.

Batman: Arkham Origins (FREE)

In preparation for the arrival of the Arkham Origins which is slated for home consoles, Warner Bros. has released a mobile version of Batman: Arkham Origins. However, instead of a free-roaming adventure you will engaging in one-on-one combat with numerous thugs and some of Gotham's most dangerous villains such as Copperhead, Deadshot, Bane and more. Not exactly on the same caliber as the console version, but it should help tide Batman fans over for the meantime.

Squids Wild West ($.99 -> FREE)

Squids Wild West iPhone App Deals

Ready for some quirky game with a mix of action strategy and RPG? Squids Wild West is actually a sequel to the original Squids game, except that it only made the series much better in just about every aspect. This game will remind you of Angry Birds for its slingshot mechanics but it's certainly more than that. Give it a shot especially that it is free for a limited time.

Asphalt 8: Airborne ($.99 -> FREE)

Asphalt 8 Airborne iPhone App Deals

The Asphalt series of Gameloft is arguably one of the best racing franchise in iOS. Asphalt 8: Airborne foregoes the realistic simulation aspects of most racing games and instead opting for a more arcade-y experience. From the beautiful graphics to the wide selection of cars and tracks, this is one racing package that you don't want to miss. Grab it now while it's still free.

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