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Facebook Mobile Ads 1,790% More Profitable in iOS Than Android

A new study has been conducted on more than 200 billion ads on Facebook which indicates that mobile ads on iOS are far more profitable than ads on the Android platform. The study suggests that not only is it more profitable in iOS when it comes to Facebook ads, advertisers are actually losing money in Android. More details after the jump.

iOS Android Facebook Mobile Ads

The study is conducted by Nanigans, one of the biggest players when it comes to Facebook ads buying, and it focuses on retailers. While the numbers are not that surprising on Facebook’s desktop ads, the same thing can't be said on the mobile platform.

From VentureBeat:

Retailers are realizing significantly greater return from audiences on iOS than audiences on Android,” the report says. “For the first three quarters of 2013, RPC [revenue per click] on iOS averaged 6.1 times higher than Android and ROI [return on investment] on iOS averaged 17.9 times higher than Android.

Retailers have a large opportunity on mobile, the company says, but clearly the opportunity is much, much more lucrative on iPhone than it is on Android. Frankly, the numbers are shocking.

Facebook Ads iOS Android

While the profitability of Facebook ads between two platforms are somehow worlds apart, the cost putting ads isn't all that different. To put up a mobile ad on iOS it will cost you $4.99, while on Android, it is a little bit lower at $4.87. With this recent trend, retailers are now seen increasing their advertising budget total on the iOS, while decreasing it on Android, as shown in the chart below:

Facebook Ads Retailer Budget

Nanigans doesn't give any speculation as to why the ROI is so different between the two platforms. But if you will put it bluntly, iPhone owners just make and spend more money when compared to Android owners. Similar trends are also observed by developers between the App Store and Google Play Store.

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