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Winterboard Might Not Be Updated for iOS 7, Saurik Explains Why

As far as theming solutions go, there is no doubt that Winterboard is the definitive tweak for customizing the look and feel of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. However, according to a recent comment by Jay Freeman, aka Saurik, creator of Winterboard, the theming application might not be updated for iOS 7.

Winterboard Theme Ayecon

As it turned out, WinterBoard received no third-party support during the entire duration of iOS 6. Due to the lack of community contribution, Saurik is not hopeful that Winterboard will be ported over to iOS 7.

According to Saurik:

At this time, given that WinterBoard received no third-party help during all of iOS 6, I have very little hope in being able to support iOS 7. I need other people to tell me what to do to the engine: I am not a theme artist, I am just one of the few developers sympathetic to the needs of theme artists. However, I operate in a vacuum: theme artists don’t talk to me, and when they do they almost never talk about WinterBoard’s theme engine: instead, they complain about how their theme isn’t getting enough exposure in Cydia, or about some UI element. The closest was king_of_hill in April, but almost everything he wanted were complex feature requests (and the key ones were already taken care of by “use Cydget instead of WinterBoard to do what you are doing: WinterBoard isn’t designed for that”).

What I need are concrete bug reports (with screenshots and exact filenames) and core theming help (such as information on artwork files, or “car files”, at the level of the loader). If iOS 7 is even theme-able at all, and assuming WinterBoard can’t already theme parts of it, it is likely that WinterBoard will never manage to support those components as I doubt seriously that after four years theme artists will start taking the engine seriously.

Due to the completely revamped design of iOS 7, it is likely that it has broken or reduced the theming capabilities of Winterboard. On top of that, new components have been added to iOS 7, such as the Control Center, which will require extra work for Saurik. So if Saurik does not receive enough support from the theme developers or the jailbreak community as a whole, then this might be it for the popular theming solution.

Does it worry you that Winterboard might not be updated for iOS 7?

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