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Top 5 Things to Expect on September 10th iPhone Event

It's almost upon us, the very event that will have Apple "brighten everyone's day." Of course, I'm talking about the much-anticipated iPhone media event, which will be taking place tomorrow, September 10th. And with similar clockwork certainty as the changes in the seasons, Apple will be announcing its latest and greatest iPhone. But what exactly does Apple have down its goodie bag for the iPhone event? Here are the Top 5 Things to Expect on September 10th iPhone Event.

Apple iPhone Media Event September 10 Invites

Top 5 Things to Expect on Apple's September 10th iPhone Event

Next-Gen iPhone / iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5S

Already dubbed the iPhone 5S, the next iPhone, which will be announced tomorrow, is expected to be an iterative upgrade to the previous generation iPhone 5. You can expect that the iPhone 5S will have improved internals and added features over the iPhone 5, such as a faster processor, 12-megapixel camera with dual flash, a fingerprint sensor, and it may come in 128GB of storage. However, just don't expect an iPhone with a redesigned form-factor. One of the most persisting rumors about the iPhone 5S is that it will likely come in a champagne gold color option, on top of the usual black and white variety.

If a new high-end iPhone doesn't fit with your budget plan, Apple may have another device for you..

Low-Cost iPhone / iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C Render

Image Credit: MacRumors

In order to strengthen its competitive stance against Android phones and make a bigger splash in emerging markets like China and India, Apple is rumored to release a low-cost iPhone, which is already labeled "iPhone 5C". The low-cost part comes from the fact that it will feature a plastic shell, which will come in many different color options. It is also rumored that the iPhone 5C will replace the iPhone 5 altogether. The rumored price for the device is 450-500 USD off-contract.

iOS 7

iOS 7 Design

Since it has been announced in last June's WWDC, I think many of you are already familiar with iOS 7. But chances are good that the audience will get an even closer look at Apple's biggest iOS overhaul tomorrow. September 10th might mark the day that the iOS 7 Golden Master build will be seeded to developers, and will be released for public before or around the launch of the new iPhones. Obviously, the new iPhones will have iOS 7 running by default.

No New iPad

iPad mini 2 with Retina Display

Despite some rumors saying otherwise, it's fair to expect that tomorrow's stage is only reserved for the new iPhones. There have been talks that Apple will be revamping its iPad line with teaser lines like ”the potential of exciting new product categories” earlier this year, but it is doubtful that it will take place on the September 10 iPhone Event. iPad reveals are on a league of its own and it deserves its own big media event.

Surprises, Maybe?


Despite the abundance of rumors from bloggers and Apple-watchers alike, Apple is still pretty much in position to throw some surprises here and there. Tim Cook promised more "game changers" before which could be a hint for an upcoming wearable tech. As investors have also grown weary of the lack of innovation and new products on this side of Cupertino, we simply can't discount Apple's ability to surprise.

At this point, all we can do is to wait and see. Stay tuned for the iPhone event!

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