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Top 10 Most Annoying Things About iOS 7

Many of you should have already played with iOS 7 enough to form a solid opinion about it. As for me, I have been continuously playing with iOS 7 for the past week, and for the most part, I like it. However, Apple changed plenty of things that an iOS veteran will have to get used to and there are the mechanics that are simply annoying. You can say all you want about me nitpicking but as a seasoned iOS user, I find these iOS 7 changes/non-changes to be annoying.

Top 10 Most Annoying Things About iOS 7

You Have To Swipe Left to Trash Emails

Delete Mail in iOS 7

With the previous, you can either swipe left or right to reveal the delete button. With iOS 7, you are left with only one option and that is to swipe left. It's pretty odd when swiping right does nothing at all. I would understand if the right swipe is reserved for a different function, but that's not the case. Swiping right from the left edge does take you back to your mailboxes.

Searching Within iOS

Search iPhone iOS 7

In previous iOS versions, you click Home to get to the first page and click Home again (or you can swipe to the right) to access Spotlight, the iPhone's search interface. Now this method to access the Spotlight does nothing. Instead, you swipe down on any page of the Springboard to access the search. Aside from the fact that it's not really that obvious, it becomes a lot more confusing because swiping from the top of the screen brings up the Notification Center.

The Translucent Volume Controls

iOS 7 Volume Controls

Imagine while you're playing a game or watching a video and you turn up the volume to hear that sweet music playing. In iOS 7, you'll see a translucent, not transparent, volume window that shows up right at the middle of the screen, obscuring everything it covers. This translucent window sure goes away fast, but it is still downright annoying. Make it transparent again, Apple!

Folders Display Less Number of Apps

iOS 7 Folders

Folders used to display up to 16 apps at a time in previous iOS versions, but in iOS 7, it has been cut down to 9 apps. If you want to view more applications, you need to swipe to the next page. Well, at least they removed that silly limitation in relation to the number of apps a folder can contain.

Invoking Control Center While Inside Apps

Control Center in Apps

The Control Center itself is pretty great but the problem lies with how it is invoked. When you are inside some apps, it is easy to invoke the Control Center especially when the app is also using the same swipe up from the bottom gesture. Obviously, this will be addressed in future updates of the apps, but as of now, this can be quite insufferable.

The Slow Animation

iOS 7 Animation

While the animation does make things a lot livelier, they also slow down the overall experience. The lag between taps and swipes (especially when selecting folders) just doesn't add up to a pleasant experience. Sure it's just milliseconds of difference but ultimately, they will all pile up. At least, Apple should give us the option to disable animations altogether because sure as hell that I would get to it on a heartbeat.

Still No Way to Set Default Apps

iOS 7 Default Camera App

While the iOS Camera app is now improved and remains to be decent for the most part, there are many users would rather use a different app like Instagram or Camera+. How about with browsers? I know that many of you would rather use Chrome rather than Safari. However, iOS 7 still doesn't let users set a default app for certain uses.

No Customization for Control Center

iOS 7 Control Center

Let me outright say this, Control Center is a great feature since it won’t make me miss SBSettings that much. However, I am disappointed with the lack of customization options. How about giving us the ability to set a shortcut to popular apps? Better yet, how about a shortcut to Settings? I do like that they added a shortcut to flashlight though.

Still No "Clear All" Notifications Gesture / Button

iOS 7 Notifications

If you hated clearing notifications one by one in past iOS versions, brace yourself because the hating continues. Seriously, what gives Apple? Is it really that hard to add a gesture or button to clear all of my gazillion notifications? This problem is of course amplified if you are getting tons of notifications every day.

The iOS 7 Keyboard

iOS 7 Keyboard

The white keyboard buttons placed on top of a white background makes it all look faint and washed out. It makes things a lot harder to see, well, at least for me. However, I know full well that I am not alone in this sentiment. This becomes less of annoyance if you are on the iPad but on an iPhone, prepare to squint a lot. This is a huge issue for me when majority of my iPhone activities like texting involve typing.

And Apple seems to love teasing us because the black keyboard is actually available when using other apps like the App Store, on Search or iTunes. What's up with this inconsistency? Again, Apple could at least give us an option to customize the keyboard. With the release of the colorful iPhone 5c, this would be a perfect addition.

So these are the things that annoy me the most regarding iOS 7. How about you? Any issues that bug you regarding iOS 7? Feel free to share your experiences below.

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    Mike Kellogg7 years, 11 months ago

    Whenever I swap between applications, now, by double-clicking on the Home button, the app I go to actually restarts.  For example, when I swap out to Instapaper to read something, then swap back to Safari, the web page reloads completely.  Or swap over to Word Chums and my active game restarts like it was being started for the first time, with title screen and everything.  None of this happens for my wife, whose iPad we have not upgraded yet.  What gives??

      Patrick Gumban7 years, 11 months ago


      I’ve also experienced such annoyance. Apps restarting even though it is clear that it is still running in the background as seen in the multitasking view. In some cases, crashed app are still seen in multitasking but when you tap it, it restarts. Not sure what’s up with that, but sounds like one of the kinks that needs to be ironed out in iOS 7.

    Ricky.Sea8 years ago

    Great article, and good to know more of us feel the same. Has anyone got a blog reporting all the great things about iOS 7 in case I’ve missed something?

    Barty8 years ago

    Well, the great master, Jobs left us, sad. Now we have to live with crappy iOs-versions.

    John8 years ago

    You just sound like your on your rag lol. Most of the things your complaining about can be changed in your settings. Change them and shut up. If they hadn’t updated the UI, you’d probably be complaining that they’re due for an update.
    People complain about so much only because try don’t actually know what they want.

    I think over time you’ll start to appreciate some of these changes as they will actually enhance your user experience.

      Patrick Gumban8 years ago

      LOL yeah, these changes will take some getting used to. As for the design itself, I love it. It’s like having a new device and appreciate what Apple is trying to do. As I’ve said, these are merely mild annoyances and no way indicate that I’m having a terrible time with iOS 7. :)

    Christopher Rigby8 years ago

    If you want a black keyboard for typing in the messages app go settings>general>accessibility and click in invert clolours to give your iOS a whole new look

      Patrick Gumban8 years ago

      Nice! However, it seems to have ruined everything else. :\ But yeah, a whole new look indeed. :D

    Raouf Morcos8 years ago

    Not being able to delete albums or artists in the music app, only individual tracks.  Why remove that functionality?

      Patrick Gumban8 years ago

      Yes, while the Music app was improved overall, they made changes that don’t make sense as well.