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Samsung Announces Gold Galaxy S4, Surprises No One

It was just more than two weeks ago when Apple announced a new gold color option for its next flagship device, the iPhone 5s. Take note, the gold iPhone 5s was already widely rumored before it was officially confirmed. This seemed to have tipped off the competition, especially Samsung. And lo and behold, the South Korean company just announced a gold Galaxy S4.

Gold Galaxy S4

That's right folks, it seems that Samsung is not planning to waste any time and let Apple take the lead when it comes to gold-colored electronics. Just 15 days later after the iPhone 5s announcement, Samsung announced today that they will be offering the Galaxy S4 in two new gold variations, Gold Pink and Gold Brown. It comes with the tagline: “Elegance is a touch of gold.”

These two new gold Galaxy S4 models were announced on the company's Middle East Twitter and Facebook channels. So what does that tell us? Since this was announced in neither Samsung Korea or UK, then there is a good chance that it won't be sold outside of the Middle East.

What does this mean that Samsung is once again copying Apple? Well, not technically. Samsung has already released smartphones in gold variants before. However, the thing most suspect is the convenient timing. The gold iPhone 5s has proved to be a popular gadget, which quickly ran out of stocks upon its release. For Samsung to release their flagship phone in gold variants, one can't help but think that they are once again trying to copy Apple. Just check the Twitter and Facebook page of the photo and read what the people have been saying.

What do you think of this move by Samsung? Does the Gold Galaxy S4 look as good as its iPhone 5s counterpart?

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    frank li8 years ago

    look at ios 7 it knocked off android

      Marvin8 years ago

      It’s full of bugs. Just to name one: take your iPad, go on your facebook app and then trey to shut down your iPad, when the shut down screen with the button comes up, turn your iPad around. Very funny how the shut-down screen turns but the facebook screen in the background doesn’t.

    Marvin8 years ago

    Copying Apple? Are you kidding me? I had a Motorola MOTOKRZR K1 in gold in the year 2006, so with your explanation, you would need to admit that apple copied a few of other companies who already had golden phones even before smartphones where invented.

      Patrick Gumban8 years ago

      Yes, Samsung has been releasing gold-colored handsets since 2004. Again, only the timing is suspicious. But then again, Samsung would be foolish not to capitalize on what’s currently popular. :)