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iPhone Speed Test Comparison For Every Model Released So Far [VIDEO]

When the original iPhone was launched back in 2007 by Steve Jobs, it forever changed the smartphone industry landscape. Since the original, Apple has released a total of seven iPhone generations. So just how far the iPhone has come in terms of speed and performance? Watch the iPhone Speed Test captured in this video that highlights the improvement of Apple's flagship product since the original iPhone.

All iPhone Speed Test

iPhone Speed Test

EverythingApplePro from YouTube just posted a video comparing every iPhone, from the original to the recently released models, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. These iPhone were all restored to the latest firmware versions and are all non-jailbroken. The performances were gauged by shutting down, booting up and opening websites such as and Watch the iPhone speed test below:

As expected, the iPhone 5s came out on top with its blazingly fast processing power. However, it is worth mentioning that all iPhone models performed quite well, especially the older generation ones. At one point, the original iPhone even booted faster than the iPhone 4. But of course, that's not really a fair comparison to make, especially when iOS became more resource hungry with every new iteration.

So what does this tell us? As pointed out by EverythingApplePro, the differences in performance between each iPhones have been marginal. So unless you are someone who has to get every latest piece of tech available, upgrading with each new iPhone iteration might not be the best investment, considering the improvements aren't all that noticeable. It basically suggests that, it's fine to skip one (or even two) generation as long as your current iPhone can still cater to your needs. Unless there is a new feature that you really like from the latest handset.

So your thoughts on this iPhone speed test comparison? Are you surprised by the results? 

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