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First Powered-On iPhone 5C Video & Packaging Photos Have Been Leaked

We have already seen ridiculous number of photos and videos of the leaked budget iPhone, aka. iPhone 5C. However, we have yet to see the iPhone 5C in action, if that is even possible. Well, apparently it is! The very first video of a powered-on iPhone 5C has been posted and it came from none other than China.

iPhone 5C Blue

Chinese technology blog C Technology (via MacRumors) has posted a video of what is claimed to be the upcoming iPhone 5C. The video shows an iPhone covered in red plastic casing. In the video demonstration, the person using the used pinch-to-zoom and scrolling in Safari, and from what it looks like and as expected, it is powered by iOS 7. Check out the video below:

The black front panel and plastic casing, and the shape of the device is pretty consistent with iPhone 5C leaks we have already seen. Although as per usual with video leaks, we are treated to a low quality video with poor lighting. Because of this, it becomes harder to verify if this is in fact a legit iPhone 5C and not some elaborate hoax just to catch attention. For all we know, this might as well be an iPhone 5 covered in plastic housing.

In yet another related leak, there have been several photos of the budget iPhone packaging making its rounds over the web. 9to5Mac has posted photos of iPhone 5C packaging which is available in many different colors, just like what the rumors have been saying for the longest time now.

iPhone 5C Packaging

So your thoughts? Does the video look like a legitimate iPhone 5C? What do you think about the packaging?

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