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YouTube 2.0 for iOS & Android Brings New Multitasking Feature & More

It's a good day for YouTube fans because Google rolled a fairly significant update to the iOS and Android YouTube app. The main selling point of the new update is it brings a new, exciting multitasking feature to the YouTube mobile app. This brings the popular mobile app to version 2.0.

YouTube 2.0 for iOS & Android

That's right, the YouTube app is now capable of a pretty neat multitasking feature. This new multitasking feature enables you to minimize the video into a little screen that will sit at the bottom right of the screen. The multitasking part comes with the fact that you can now browse for the next item to play while never missing a moment from the video you are watching. To dismiss the video, you can either swipe left or right. Double tapping the minimized video will bring it back to full screen view again. This particular feature is sort of similar to a recent jailbreak tweak called Videopane.

YouTube 2.0 iOS App

Another noteworthy feature that came with YouTube 2.0 update is the ability to finally search and browse channels to be added to playlists. For uninterrupted playback, you can now use the “play all” button to watch videos back-to-back. YouTube 2.0 also brings extended support for Chromecast and connected TVs.

YouTube 2.0 is now available for both iOS and Android. You can either update using your device or you can use these links: App Store | Google Play. NOTE TO JAILBREAKERS: YouTube jailbreak tweaks like ProTube and YourTube are not compatible with YouTube 2.0. You might want to hold off the update until the author of such tweaks have released the appropriate update.

So how do you find YouTube 2.0? [via YouTube Blog]

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