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Display Crucial Real-Time Info In Your Status Bar With Ultra iMeter Cydia Tweak

One of the most popular types of jailbreak tweak are those that let the users to quickly access information without launching an app. Today, we have a new jailbreak tweak that will enable you to monitor crucial system information whenever you need to, without launching or leaving an app. This jailbreak tweak is called Ultra iMeter.

Ultra iMeter Cydia Tweak

This new jailbreak tweak from developer wesley6j is a good solution for developers or pretty much anyone who doesn't like being in the dark regarding the performance of their iOS device. The core function of Ultra iMeter is that it adds an overlay called “iMeter bar” to the status bar. This particular bar will display system information such as disk, ram, network and CPU usage. The iMeter bar is invoked through an Activator gesture command which means that you can display it anytime, even when you are running full-screen applications.

Ultra iMeter Tweak

The Ultra iMeter tweak does come with plenty of options that you can configure in the There are settings that will allow you to configure the Activator actions, the individual sections for cellular, WiFi, and disk usage, notification warnings, update intervals and many others.

Since it allows you to monitor your network usage, this is also a great solution for users who wish to keep track of their data plans. Ultra iMeter is available in Cydia under BigBoss for $1.99. More updates will come in the future such as theming. Needless to say, you will need to have Activator installed to make full use of this Cydia tweak. [via ModMyi]

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