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Top 10 Must See iPhone App Deals of the Week [8/27/2013]

Are you ready for another round of Jaxov's top iPhone app deals countdown? As per usual, this is your regular serving of the best deals, discounts, and freebies that you can, at present, find at the App Store. I mean, who doesn't love a good discount or freebie? Hopefully, you will find an app deal that you like in this week's offering. Here's the Top 10 Must See iPhone App Deals of the Week!

Top 10 Must See iPhone App Deals of the Week!

Daily Goals

Daily Goals iPhone App Deals

Now let's start off the list with a pretty good productivity app. Daily Goals is an ultra simple and colourful app that helps you keep track of your habits. With simple color schemes, you will be able to define and track an unlimited number of habits. It's a great minimalistic app and using it is really a no-brainer.

Price Drop: $0.99 -> Free

Retromatic 2.0

Retromatic 2.0 iPhone App Deals

If you have a knack for retro photography, then do yourself a favor and check out Retromatic 2.0. This app features 18 original retro-style filters, 17 background images and over 70 authentic retro-style ornaments. In no time, you will be producing high-quality retro images which you can share in social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Price Drop: $1.99 -> FREE

Bullet Sky II

Bullet Sky II iPhone App Deals

Bullet hell games are some of the most-hardcore genres when it comes to video games. Bullet Sky II is the kind of game that will surely please fans of tough-as-nails shooters. Extreme visual style? Check! A healthy roster of ships? Check! Awesome power-ups? Check! Challenging gameplay with tons of enemy fire on the screen? You bet! It's free, so grab this offer now while it lasts.

Price Drop: $1.99 -> FREE

Secrets Folder Pro

Secrets Folder Pro iPhone App Deals

Smartphones have become a gadget that most people can't live without. So many folks can't help it but find themselves storing sensitive data into their iPhones. If you're someone who's not too keen in having your private data displayed for prying eyes, you would want to invest in an app that would make sure your private data remains private. The sort of app you will need is Secrets Folder Pro. Get it now for FREE.

Price Drop: $0.99 -> FREE

Pinball HD

Pinball HD iPhone App Deals

Huge pinball fans need not to look elsewhere in order to get their daily fix of pinball goodness. Pinball HD is certainly the definitive pinball game that you can find in the App Store. By playing Landscape mode you will get the "full table" view, while the Portrait mode will give you the "flying-table" view. What else can be said other than it's a great pinball game?

Price Drop: $1.99 -> FREE


Facetune iPhone App Deals

So you have taken a great selfie which would make a fine profile picture, the only problem is, there are hints of imperfection like blemishes and some shine. Well, don't let your imperfections get in the way of having a great profile pic by getting Facetune. With Facetune, you can smooth your skin, remove stray hair, clear away pimples and blemishes, enhance your eyes, change eye color and many others. After the retouch, you picture will look magazine worthy.

Price Drop: $2.99 -> $1.99

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders App Deals

Want to recreate the thrill of aerial dogfights right in your iPhone or iPad? Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders will surely oblige. It is described by the developers as the "ULTIMATE WWII AIR COMBAT GAME", which is a bold claim. Fortunately, this game does deliver the goods. Great graphics, immersive gameplay, huge roster of historic planes, and a bevy of online modes are just some of the things that you can expect.

Price Drop: $4.99 -> FREE


MixerBox iPhone App Deals

MixerBox is a top-rated app that lets you easily create YouTube playlists which you can be shared with your friends. This a great app for those who are using YouTube for their music listening pleasure. With continuous play, the music will just keep on coming. Although, that seemed to have been addressed with the YouTube 2.0 update.

Price Drop: $4.99 to FREE

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 iPhone App Deals

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a new game from Gameloft, which is a follow-up to well, Asphalt 7. Racing fans will surely froth at the mouth with features like 47 high-performance cars (80% are new with licensed models like Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FXX), 9 exotic locations, and 8 seasons & 180 events in the Career mode. It's already raking in rave reviews. It's a must not only for racing fans but for iOS gamers in general.

Price Drop: $0.99 (New App)


Plex iPhone App Deals

With Plex, you will be able to stream your music, videos and photos from your home computers with Plex Media Server installed. The Plex Media Server streams your media directly from your computer, so there's no need to convert before viewing. And when you play a media that your device can't play, Plex will automatically convert it. It's a great multimedia app which happens to be on a sale, better grab this now.

Price Drop: $4.99 -> $1.99

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