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Reminisce Cydia Tweak: How App Switching Should Be Done on iOS

Switching between apps has always been an iffy matter when it comes to iOS. While it certainly gets the job done, one can say that the App Switcher isn't the most optimal way to switch between apps. Today, we will bring into your attention a pretty good jailbreak tweak that will allow you to fluidly switch between apps.

Reminisce Cydia Tweak

The Reminisce Cydia tweak is a fairly recent release which could serve as a good alternative to using the iOS App Switcher for switching between apps. The core function of Reminisce Cydia tweak is that it offers a quick and fluid way to switch between 5 of your recently used apps. The quick and fluid part comes from the fact that you can just swipe the edge of your screen (left or right depending on the settings) and you will be presented with 5 of your most recent apps. Just hold your finger over the application to launch the app. It is definitely a lot quicker than double tapping the Home button to access the app switcher.

Reminisce Cydia Tweak_1

Since it can only hold five of your recent apps, the Reminisce Cydia tweak is not exactly a full replacement for the App Switcher. However just like the App Switcher, you can invoke the tweak from pretty anywhere within the iOS, even within applications.

Reminisce Cydia Tweak_2

Like most good jailbreak tweaks out there, Reminisce comes with a wealth of customization options. Here's a quick walkthrough of the options:


Reminisce Cydia Tweak Animations

This is where you can configure the animation of the tweak. The main animation happens when you slide from the edge of your iPhone. The two animation options are Push and Flat. Selecting Push will have the screen pushed outward to make way for the tweak. For Flat, the tweak becomes an overlay over the background. There is not much animation options to choose from but it should add more in future updates.


Reminisce Cydia Tweak Behavior

From here you can enable/disable the Reminisce Cydia tweak. This is where you also configure whether you would like to swipe from the left or right in order to invoke the tweak. You can also choose to swipe up or down the screen if that suits your style more. You can also disable the tweak for certain apps, you can do so from this section. This is to avoid accidentally activating the tweak while working with apps or playing games.

For compatibility with other tweaks like Zephyr or Miniplayer, you would want to toggle “Activator Only” to ON to avoid conflicts.


Reminisce Cydia Tweak Appearance

Here you can customize the visual style of the tweak. You can selection options like Blur outside and Dim outside which certainly looks great. However, be wary that these options can cause high CPU usage so you might experience some slowdown on older devices. Here you can also toggle icon labels to appear.

Reminisce Cydia Tweak Appearance2

Another noteworthy option in this section is the ability to change the background color of the tweak so it will match your theme, in case you have it.

To understand the tweak more, I suggest that you watch this video walkthrough by user iTwe4kz:

Final Thoughts:

The Reminisce Cydia tweak is simply one of the best jailbreak tweaks that has been released as of late. It's a real time-saver and offers a good deal of convenience when multitasking. I've experienced a couple of crashes while using the tweak and hopefully the author addresses such issues in future updates. Overall, it's an excellent tweak that's worth the price tag.

Reminisce Cydia tweak is available for $1.99 or you can download Reminisce DEB file from BigBoss' repo files.

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