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OpenJailbreak: The Open Source Jailbreak Repository Has Officially Launched

Back in July, Joshua Hill, aka P0sixninja, announced he's working a new project which he claims to be bigger than a jailbreak. The project in question is called OpenJailbreak, which is an open source  jailbreak repository which will be managed by a team spearheaded by Hill himself. During the WWJC (Worldwide Jailbreak Convention) 2013 today, P0sixninja announced the website for OpenJailbreak is now live.


Before you get too excited, OpenJailbreak is not an upcoming jailbreak solution. Rather, it is a portal where people who are interested in taking part with the jailbreak community will have access to previous jailbreaking tools like GreenPois0n and Absinthe. It is basically P0sixninja's way of bringing the community into the inner workings of the jailbreak scene. With OpenJailbreak, developers, jailbreak hackers, and security researchers can all report bugs, write wikis, add features and participate in an open community. At the end of the day, everyone will be able to benefit from this collaboration.

As explained by P0sixninja:

there is simply too much code for one person to manage, and it would help to offload some of this work and distribute it among those willing to help.

The ongoing projects that are found on are:

  • libmbdb-1.0 for modifying iOS IPSW backups
  • libmacho-1.0 to modify and parse Apple Mach-O executables
  • libimg3-1.0 for decrypting iOS IMG3 files
  • libdyldcache-1.0, libirecovery-2.0, and libcrippy-1.0
  • libafc-1.0 for communicating with iOS AFC
  • ibipsw-1.0 for parsing and extracting IPSWs
  • libtss-1.0 for requesting TSS from Apple’s servers
  • libbbfw-1.0
  • libsyringe-1.0 for injecting bootrom exploits
  • libanthrax-1.0 for running code on ramdisks
  • libcynaide-1.0 for parsing and manipulating iOS dynamic linker shared code
  • libansinthe-1.0
  • libidevicerestore-1.0
  • libidevicebackup-1.0
  • libideviceinstall-1.0
  • libideviceactivate-1.0

This goes without saying that you should be proficient in computer programming so you can help out with this cause. P0sixninja stated that this is just one of the four websites that he's about to launch. To check out the website, just click here.

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