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iPhone 5C Photo Inside a Factory Leaked by Pegatron Employee

As we draw close to the impending iPhone media event this coming September 10, we see more and more leaks of both the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone, dubbed as iPhone 5C. While it's very possible Apple will release an entry-level iPhone, many are still in doubt of its existence despite the increasing number of leaks. If you need more proof that the iPhone 5C does exist, here's a published photo straight out of Pegatron's Shanghai plant.

iPhone 5C from Pegatron Plant

Looking at the photo, it is easy to dismiss the devices in the photo as knock-offs. However, the folks of Engadget did some digging around at the original poster's Sina Weibo profile and discovered she's actually an employee (or likely an ex-employee now) at Pegatron’s Shanghai plant. The cheeky employee joined the company's quality control department at around mid-July. The above photo was posted with the following caption:

The low-end iPhone 5C to be launched for Chinese consumers in September doesn't look much different than the Xiaomi Phone 2, right?

So why are the iPhone units placed in such a disorganized way? Endgadget noted during their production line tours, they saw similar setups like this one and concluded that the units are subjected to a warm-up procedure. These are just small batches that are tested for quality control. No photography of any kind are allowed inside the production lines, so there is very little doubt that this particular shot could cost the employee her job.

As stated, there have been a great increase in terms of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C leaks as of late. They are either legit or simply capitalizing on Apple's hype train. September can't come soon enough so we finally put an end to these rumors and leaks.

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