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iPhone 5 Exploded, Nearly Costing Chinese Woman’s Eyesight

If you have been keeping up with the news last month, a Chinese woman was electrocuted while she was using her iPhone. Further investigation proved that the unfortunate incident happened because the woman was using an unauthorized third-party charger. And now, another Chinese woman is yet at the receiving end of another iPhone-related injury. This time, with an exploding iPhone. Yikes!

iPhone 5 Exploded

A woman in China almost lost her eyesight when her iPhone 5 exploded while she was on call. According to a report of Da Lian Evening News, the woman has been using her iPhone to call for almost 40 minutes and she noticed that the screen grew very warm against her cheek. She reportedly tried to end the call but the touchscreen was unresponsive and after a few tries, the iPhone 5 exploded.

When she looked at the device to check it, Li then discovered the touchscreen was not responding when she tried to end the call. After a few more tries, the screen exploded.

Li said she felt some debris shooting into her eyes. "I could not open my eyes," she recalled. Her colleagues rushed her to the hospital where the doctor found her eyeball red and inflamed, and identified a scratch mark which suggested an object had scratched it.

The woman in an interview with Da Lian Evening News said that she bought the device back in September 2012. She revealed she dropped her iPhone once which caused a dent on the top-right corner of the screen where the explosion originated. She said that despite the reduction in the device's responsiveness after the drop, the phone was still usable.

Apple's after-sales service said that this sort of incident is not covered by product warranty but the company is looking to further investigate.

So what do you think caused this iPhone 5 explosion? [via ZDNet]

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