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iOS 7 Release Date is September 10th? [IMAGE]

It is widely expected Apple will make some major announcements during the September 10th iPhone event, that include the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. It is also expected that during the event, Apple will seed the iOS 7 Golden Master build to developers. However, a new report just arrived, which says September 10 may in fact be the official, public release of iOS 7.

iOS 7 beta 7

The Verge reports today a developer named Owen Williams received an email from Nuance, the company responsible for the voice recognition technology that powers Siri. In the email, it stated the iOS 7 GA (which stands for General Availability) will be launched on the same exact day as the widely rumored iPhone event, September 10th. Check out the screenshot of the email below.

iOS 7 Release Date Email

As a company that's working closely with Apple, we're not quite sure just how much Nuance knows about Apple's release plans. So it is entirely possible that Nuance is actually referring to the iOS 7 GM build, which just like the previous beta versions, will be seeded to developers. In case you don't know, iOS GM builds are the final firmware build released by Apple to developers before it hits primetime. In most cases, GM builds will be the exact same build that will be released for the public, unless major bugs or issues are found.

Based on the email, if iOS 7 final will indeed launch on September 10th, then it should not take long before we see the GM version seeded to developers. This iOS 7 release date conflicts with previous reports that the GM build will be released on September 10, as opposed to the public one. So which iOS 7 release date is accurate? It would be interesting to see what the Cupertino outfit will end up doing once the iPhone event touches down.

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