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Here’s How to Add Free 1GB Dropbox Storage Space With Mailbox

There is no shortage of services that lets you sync your photos, documents, and videos across multiple computers and mobile devices. When it comes to services of this kind, there is no doubt that Dropbox is among the top of the popularity poll. If you are an avid user who is looking to expand his or her allotted space, then we have a quick tip for you that will let you add a free 1GB Dropbox storage space.

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Dropbox is currently giving away an extra gigabyte of space for Mailbox users who can connect their Dropbox account with the Mailbox iOS app.

Just follow these simple steps to connect your Dropbox and Mailbox account:

  1. In case you haven't already, download the Dropbox and Mailbox apps for iOS.
  2. Using your Gmail account, log in to the Mailbox iOS app.
  3. Sign in to your Dropbox account as well.
  4. Once you have signed in to both accounts, open Mailbox and navigate to Settings > Dropbox and link the accounts.
  5. Connect Dropbox Mailbox Account

  6. Once you have successfully connected your Dropbox and Mailbox account, you should see that your storage space has increased by 1GB.

In case you have had both your accounts linked before this promotion, simply unlink and link both accounts again to gain the extra storage space.

Now, wasn't that a hassle-free way to gain an extra 1GB storage space, was it? This came especially handy for me since I was about 97% full with my space. Unfortunately, this promotion seems to be available for iOS users only. With two apps linked, you can now add attachments to your mail right from Dropbox. [via Dropbox]

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