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How to Add NES-Style Controller to iPhone Lockscreen With Control Unlocker Tweak

There is no shortage of cool lockscreen tweaks that you can find in Cydia. Today, we will show you a neat jailbreak tweak that should appeal to retro gamers, especially to fans of the NES era. The name of the lockscreen tweak we have for you is Control Unlocker, which was released in Cydia recently.

Control Unlocker Cydia Tweak

Control Unlocker is a fairly new Cydia tweak that will allow you to unlock your iPhone or iPod touch using a gaming controller, which definitely looks one from the NES. Instead of the boring old iOS lock screen which requires you to slide to unlock, you will now have to enter a sequence of button combinations to unlock your device. That's right, it's like the games of old where you enter buttons to unlock secrets or activate cheats.

Control Unlocker Cydia Tweak_2

To start using the tweak, you will simply need to download from Cydia and install, configure the unlock sequence and you are good to go. From the settings of Control Unlocker, you will see the obligatory killswitch. From here, you can also set the custom unlock sequence which is the meat of this particular tweak. And lastly, there's the Custom Text section for more customization. If you want to donate the author, you can do so from here as well.

Perhaps the best thing about this tweak is that it's free. It's one of those tweaks that you would want to show to your friends for its coolness factor. While it may not offer the best security solution, it makes up for its solid execution. Now install this tweak and put in the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A) because you know you want to.

Control Unlocker is available in Cydia via BigBoss repo for FREE.

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