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AppSwiper: Check RAM Usage & Kill Running Apps Right At Your Home Screen [Cydia Tweak]

One of the more popular types of jailbreak tweaks are the kinds that lets the user get more information from their device. So there is no shortage of tweaks that keeps track of every little aspect of an iOS device like storage capacity, battery cycles and RAM usage. With that said, here's a neat jailbreak tweak that will let you know just how much RAM is being used by running app, and you are given the option to kill the app as well.

AppSwiper Cydia Tweak

This new jailbreak tweak is called AppSwiper, a creation by author David M. AppSwiper will let you know which apps are running by giving a visual indicator under the app icons found in your home screen. This way, you won't need to check the iOS App Switcher just to know which apps are currently running in the background. Swipe up on the icons that have the AppSwiper indicator and you will see a popup informing you of a particular app's RAM usage in megabytes.

AppSwiper Cydia Tweak_0

The other core function of this jailbreak tweak is that it gives you an option to terminate the running app. Just swipe up the running app's icon, and select Kill during the popup dialogue. This will of course free some precious memory on your iDevice. This is definitely way better than the default way of terminating apps using the iOS App Switcher.

AppSwiper Cydia Tweak_1

AppSwiper comes with a few configuration options. You can choose to disable the 'Confirmation Alert' if you want to kill the app quickly without the popup. You can also choose from 8 different colors for the color bar that appears below the Springboard icons. You can also configure the opacity of the color bar.

AppSwiper is available in Cydia for $0.99. It's a pretty good buy in case you don't have a decent background app killer installed in your iPhone. So what do you think of the AppSwiper tweak?

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