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Top 10 Biggest Changes in iOS 7 Beta 4

As you may have known already, yesterday Apple seeded iOS 7 beta 4 to registered developers. So we know many of you are curious about the changes that were brought upon by iOS 7 beta 4. According to the official change log, the latest beta build introduced a gigantic list of changes. So what are the biggest changes in iOS 7 beta 4?

Top 10 Biggest Changes in iOS 7 Beta 4

Top 10 Biggest Changes in iOS 7 Beta 4

Tweaked Spotlight

iOS 7 Beta 4 Tweaked Spotlight

Spotlight has received a new Cancel button which should make it easier to cancel queries while using this iOS feature.

ETA in Maps App

iOS 7 Beta 4 ETA Maps App

In iOS 7 beta 4 Maps app, you can now see just how much time will you need to arrive to your pinpointed location. It is shown under the car icon found in the app.

Completed Uploads in Notification Center

iOS 7 Beta 4 Completed Uploads

A new section has been introduced in iOS 7's Notification Center called Completed Uploads. This basically informs you whenever an upload is completed.

Shuffle All Returns

iOS 7 Beta 4 Shuffle All

Shuffle All function is now back in the Music app.

New Icons in Settings App

iOS 7 Beta 4 New Settings Icon

New icons can now be found within the Settings app.

Control Center Grabber When Watching Videos

iOS 7 Beta 4 Control Center Grabber

While watching a video, a Control Center grabber in the form of an arrow will appear. Pull it up to invoke the Control Center.

New Summarise Photos in Photos & Camera Settings

iOS 7 Beta 4 Summarise Photos

A new Summarise Photos feature can now be toggled in the Photos & Camera settings. Enabling this feature will summarise your photos for Collections and Years which makes for a more compact view, instead of showing everything in your library.

Siri Q&A

iOS 7 Beta 4 Siri Q&A

There is a new Q&A section in Siri Help which gives you an idea on how to ask Siri the best questions for it to answer.

Tweaked Buttons in Phone App

iOS 7 Beta 4 Call Button Tweaked
iOS 7 Beta 4 Call Button Tweaked_2

The call button in the Phone app has undergone a subtle tweak. In addition, buttons for Remind Me, Message, Decline and Answer have all been tweaked as well.

Real-time Filters for iPhone 4S

iOS 7 Beta 4 iPhone 4S Real-Time Filters

iPhone 4S owners will now be able to use real-time filters on their Camera app as well.

So these are what we think are the biggest changes in iOS 7 beta 4. In case we missed anything noteworthy or you just plain disagree, feel free to comment.

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