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Top 10 Biggest Changes in iOS 7 Beta 3

Yesterday, Apple has seeded the iOS 7 beta 3 firmware. Unlike with beta 2 that brought numerous features on the table, beta 3 is more on subtle UI changes. This is a testament that Apple is still on the process of pinning down the overall design of iOS 7. This also means the Cupertino company is actually listening to user feedbacks. So what are the biggest changes in iOS 7 beta 3?

iOS 7 Beta Logo

Top 10 Biggest Changes in iOS 7 Beta 3

New App Download Animation

iOS 7 Beta 3 Download Animation

The new app download indicator has been changed to a progressing dial that turns clockwise as the download progresses.

Lockscreen Displays Time While Playing Music

iOS 7 Beta 3 Lockscreen

In iOS 7 beta 3, you are not limited to just the music view anymore. This time, you will see the time displayed while listening to music. The lockscreen status bar seems to have increased in size as well.

Calendar App Dots

iOS 7 Beta 3 Calendar

If you have an event added to a particular day in the calendar app, it will now be represented by small gray dots.

Accessibility Changes

iOS 7 Beta 3 Accessibility

A new option has been added in the accessibility settings (Settings > General > Accessibility) which is the Increase Contrast setting. This will remove the system-wide transparency in iOS 7. In my opinion, this makes the Notification Center and Control Center much less appealing.

New Animation for Pull-to-Refresh Gesture in Mail

iOS 7 Beta 3 Mail App

A fairly minor design change. Doing the pull-to-refresh gesture in Mail will show a new animation. Overall, the app has a new, cleaner look.

Font Change

iOS 7 Beta 3 Font

Instead of the Ultra Light, the system-wide font has been changed to Helvetica Neue Regular.

Safari Keyboard Change

iOS 7 Beta 3 Safari Keyboard

The dedicated .com button in Safari's keyboard has been removed. In iOS beta 3, it has been updated to a simple period sign. Users can hold down the period sign for com, .net, .edu, .org, and .us suffixes.

Passbook Passes

iOS 7 Beta 3 Passes_0

When attached to emails, Passbook Passes appear like an actual pass which is a pretty nice touch.

Music Player Tabs

iOS 7 Beta 3 Music Tabs

The Music player app has new tabs for more extensive navigation.

Battery Charging Animation

iOS 7 Beta 3 Battery Charging Animation

This will likely be a big disappointment for many users. In iOS 7 beta 3, the battery charging animation has been removed. Unlike in previous versions, the charging icon will pulse to let users know that their device is charging. But now, it's all just static which is a bit of a downer.

So these are some of the more notable changes in iOS 7 beta 3. If you have found more, feel free to use the comment section below.

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