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Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Facebook [Must-See]

Over the years, Facebook has changed a good deal. Apart from the user interface, many features came and went. At one point, you may have found yourself frustrated with the changes and new features that Facebook introduced. However, it's unlikely that the old features that you loved will be brought back, no matter how hard you complain. Fortunately, there are extensions that you can use to add or restore features and improve your overall Facebook experience. This is the Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Facebook.

Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Facebook

Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Facebook

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Extension

Facebook Messenger is a neat chat interface which is available on both Android and iOS through a separate app. While in Firefox this functionality has been integrated into the browser, Chrome doesn't have it. This Chrome extension brings Facebook Messenger to the browser, although it simply looks like a ported version of the mobile. But hey, it's the next best thing for Chrome users.

Get Facebook Messenger Chrome Extension

Facebook Theme Creator

Facebook Theme Creator

Are you tired of Facebook's look and feel? Don't you wish you can theme your Facebook account? Well now you can! Simply install the Facebook Theme Creator. Pre-built themes are available but it you wish to make your own, you can also do it by changing colors, adding custom backgrounds and more.

Get Facebook Theme Creator

Facebook Chat Fix

Facebook Chat Fix Extension

The new Facebook Chat is probably the best thing that happened to the social network platform; says no one ever. If you are annoyed by the fact that the chat interface takes up the entire length of the browser and has its own way of organizing your friends, you are better off installing this Chrome extension for Facebook. This basically restores the good, old Facebook chat bar.

Get Facebook Chat Fix

Download FB Album Mod

Download FB Album Mod Extension

You can upload tons of photos into Facebook but sadly, it gives you zero ways to download those photos in one go. This Chrome extension will enable you to download photo albums whether they're small or large. The extension adds a button into the URL bar and when you click it, you'll be given options on how to download the album. It's simply a great time-saver!

Get Download FB Album Mod

Do Not Track Me Facebook

Do Not Track Me Facebook Extension

Some say that signing up for Facebook is basically waiving your rights to privacy as every bit of your behavior online will be tracked. That doesn't need to be the case. Do Not Track Me Facebook is a must-have extension for those who are keen about their privacy online. No registrations or sign-ups are required.

Get Do Not Track Me Facebook

Facebook Demetricator

Facebook Demetricator Extension

Now, this is a very interesting Chrome extension that could significantly change your Facebook experience. Facebook Demetricator allows you to hide metrics such as the number of friends, likes, comments, notifications, and more. No longer is the focus on how *many* friends you have or on how *much* they like your status, but on *who* they are and *what* they said. As the author puts it, "I aim to disrupt the prescribed sociality these metrics produce, enabling a network society that isn't dependent on quantification."

Get Facebook Demetricator

Photo Download for Facebook

Photo download for Facebook Extension

While you can download individual photos in Facebook, you will need to access them in the photo viewer in order to do so. The Photo download for Facebook extension adds a download button over all pictures on your Facebook. One click and the photo is downloaded to your computer, and in its original size. This way, you can download photos from your timeline, your photo albums, and also friend profiles and albums.

Get Photo download for Facebook

Cleaner Facebook

Cleaner Facebook Extension

Facebook is notorious for shoving obnoxious content into your face and most of these are things that you don't even want to click. Some examples include ticker, ads, promoted posts and recommendations. With the Cleaner Facebook Chrome extension, you will not be bothered by these annoyances anymore. Just install the extension, refresh your Facebook page and you're good to go.

Get Cleaner Facebook

Revert FB Photo Viewer

Revert FB Photo Viewer Extension

The Facebook theater view is one of the recent changes that was not received well by users. Fortunately, you can still access the old photo viewer by simply opening an image in a new tab. If you can't be bothered by that, Revert FB Photo Viewer makes it even easier for you.

Get Revert FB Photo Viewer

Photo Zoom for Facebook

Photo Zoom for Facebook Extension

Arguably one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions out there. Photo Zoom for Facebook is an extension that lets you enjoy larger images of photo albums, profile photos and more whenever you hover over a zoomable image! Now you can easily see photos in its original size without having to access the original post. It's simple, fast, lightweight, and unobtrusive.

Get Photo Zoom for Facebook

Hopefully, these extensions will improve your overall Facebook experience. So what about you? What's your favorite Google Chrome extensions for Facebook?

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