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The 9 Types of Facebook Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone and their mothers have a Facebook account. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, there is simply no escaping the most popular social media site these days (or the whole social media movement for that matter). If you are a regular Facebook user, there is no doubt that you have noticed your friends' distinct social media style. Each has their patterns of behavior while they are logged in on Facebook. Below is a fun infographic that highlights some of the most common types of Facebook users. Click the image for the full resolution.

The 9 Types of Facebook Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

9 Types of Facebook Users By Optify_0

So do you recognize any of these types of users? Do you have a friend who's an over-sharer or perhaps a baby boomer? How about you, which type of user do belong to? [Optify via Mashable]

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