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Reposition the Volume HUD at the Status Bar with StatusHUD Cydia Tweak

These days, you will certainly notice that there hasn't much going on in Cydia. Releases and updates are fairly scarce with a few noteworthy apps and tweaks here and there. This can be attributed to the fact  the release of iOS 7 is already imminent. However, there is a new noteworthy tweak that warrants the attention of jailbreak enthusiasts.

StatusHUD Cydia Tweak

Does it annoy you when you use the volume buttons and the volume HUD just stares in your face and obstructing your view? Well, apparently you're not alone. Developer Alan Yip thought that the small popup window for the volume HUD in the middle of the screen is just  plain annoying. So he created this jailbreak tweak called StatusHUD. Basically, this tweak will reposition the volume HUD into the status bar up top.

This effectively frees up your screen real estate whenever you use the volume buttons. You won't get the annoying pop-up HUD anymore and don't have to wait until it disappears before you can use the device. How about when I'm using a full screen app? Don't fret because the developer has addressed this as well. Even in full screen mode, the status bar will still appear whenever you use the side volume buttons. This way, you can tell the exact volume levels even in full screen.

StatusHUD comes with a few configurable settings. First, it comes with the standard enable/disable toggle, which is pretty self-explanatory. The other setting will let you change the style of the volume level into either square or circle. StatusHUD is available in Cydia under BigBoss for $0.99. It's a pretty good tweak which is worth checking out. [via iJailbreak]

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