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More Photos of Purported Budget iPhone Outer Shell Surface Online

Talks about the possibility of Apple releasing a cheaper, entry-level iPhone is becoming a lot more prevalent these days. According to the rumor mill, the purported low cost iPhone's outer plastic shell will be made of plastic. It's doesn't look like that the mill will stop anytime soon as we see new images of the purported budget iPhone hit the web.

Budget iPhone Plastic Shell+1

The latest leak regarding the budget iPhone is courtesy of Australian writer Sonny Dickson. If you have been keeping tabs on the news, photos of the alleged budget iPhone rear shell have surfaced and just like the rumors say, it's made of plastic. Now, we see yet another bunch of photos that add credence to the report.

Budget iPhone Colors

The shells have this bright, almost neon colors, which are available in pink, blue, green, yellow and white. Although the positioning of the camera holes and logos are consistent with previous budget iPhone leaks, there is simply no guarantee that these plastic shells are authentic.

Budget iPhone Shell Inside

It seems that the rumor mill is convinced that having these colorful plastic shells is one of the main ways that Apple can offset the cost in order to offer the budget iPhone. The low-cost iPhone is expected to be launched alongside Apple's flagship device, the iPhone 5S, at around September or October.

What do you think of these leaked photos? Would you buy the budget iPhone? [via MacRumors]

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