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Are These the Hardware Specs for the iPhone 5S? [IMAGES]

At this point, the rumors mill about the iPhone 5S is pretty much spinning in high gear. On a previous report, an analyst claims that Apple will start the production phase for the iPhone 5S which is expected to launch late September. On a related note, alleged photos and hardware specifications of the next-gen iPhone have leaked from Chinese supply chain. More details after the jump.

iPhone 5S Rear Cover

Images of what are claimed to be the rear cover of the iPhone 5S surfaced from Weibo, basically China's Twitter. Since this is an "S" iPhone, it's not surprising that the device found within the images look exactly like the iPhone 5. The leaked photo also reveals that the device features an NFC antenna. In addition, another photo has been posted which shows a stack of semi-assembled iPhone 5S placed in production trays. Based on the state of the devices, the photo was likely taken from a Chinese Foxconn factory.

iPhone 5S in Supply Chain

However, the most interesting tidbit about this leak is the iPhone 5S hardware specs, which came from a Chinese-language hardware site EXP Review. According to the leak, the iPhone 5S will have:

  • Quad-core PowerVR SGX544MP4 GPU
  • 4-inch (1136×640) IGZO display
  • Same CPU as iPhone 5 but a higher clock speed
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 12MP camera with dual-LED flash
  • NFC Support
  • Fingerprint scanner

If you have been keeping yourself in the loop with respect to iPhone 5S rumors, these specs happen to fall in-line with previous rumors. With the new IGZO display, it will look identical with the one that's found in iPhone 5 but it will be better in terms of power efficiency. The rumors regarding the fingerprint scanner feature have gained legs ever since it was discovered that Apple filed a patent for the technology. As previously reported, the iPhone 5S is pegged for release around late September to early October.

So what do you think of these iPhone 5S specs? Do you find these exciting? [via ExtremeTech]

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