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iPhone 5S Delayed Due to Apple’s Last-Minute Decision to Bump Screen Size to 4.3-Inch

In the usual fashion, Apple has kept mum to just about anything regarding the next-gen iPhone. However, this doesn't stop anyone from claiming that they have insider information regarding Apple's plans. The latest rumor about the iPhone 5S is that it may be subjected to a delayed release due to a last minute design change. Allegedly, Apple has decided to bump the screen size of the iPhone 5S to 4.3-inch causing the delay.

iPhone 5S Render by Martin Hajek

As suggested by a report from Taiwanese newspaper Commercial Times, the iPhone 5S will not enter production until later this year. The reason for this delay as mentioned is due to Apple's late decision of upgrading the device's screen size to 4.3-inch instead of the widely expected 4-inch display, same with the iPhone 5. According to the most often cited "unidentified sources" in the semiconductor industry, Apple's plan was to release the iPhone 5S on September or October. But with this change of heart, there's no choice but to delay the production schedule.

This report directly contradicts with other rumors that are found on the web at this time. There is a report that iPhone 5S has already entered production phase and is expected to launch late September. There's also a report suggesting that the iPhone 5S hardware specs have been finalized (and yes, it says 4-inch (1136×640) IGZO display in the report).

iPhone 5S Multiple Colors

Of course, this isn't the first news suggesting that the iPhone 5S production has been delayed. In previous reports, the new fingerprint sensor and multiple color variants have been cited as reasons for delay.

As with all rumors, speculations, and leaks, it's best to take this one with a grain of salt. With merely a few months before the expected release, it's just unlikely for Apple to make last minute changes on the features of the next-gen iPhone. Especially when it's as significant as bumping the screen size. As we all know, Apple already had difficulties with display productions before.

So what do you think? Will Apple release a bigger 4.3-inch iPhone? Or will they stick with a 4-inch display? [via Bloomberg]

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