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iPhone 5S & Budget iPhone To Be Released on September 6th?

In the usual Apple tradition, there is huge hype surrounding the iPhone 5S and even the budget iPhone is not exempted from massive media coverage. Amidst all these speculations and leaks regarding the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone, there seems to be not too many reports on the actual release date of these products, aside from the speculation that they're coming this fall. However, according to a new report, both the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone will be released on September 6th.

iPhone 5S Release Date

German website iFun claims that they have the latest scoop regarding the release date of the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone. The pegged date of release is September 6th which the site claims to be from a “very credible” source. This is what the report has to say (machine translated):

The next-generation iPhone will be according to our information on 6 September come on the market. In addition to that day, “two new types of devices” to be available – and thus are not two different color variations or memory meant. This information can reach us from a very credible and serious source.

As you may notice, the report doesn't specifically say the devices but based on the ongoing rumors and leaks, these “two new types of devices” can only be the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone. So if this information will turn out to be true, this means that by the end of August, we should expect some sort of announcement from Apple.

On a related note, more proof that the budget iPhone exists as another leaked photo of the device with official markings has surfaced in Weibo (China's Twitter-like service).

Budget iPhone Official Markings

The pegged release date of September 6th is about two weeks earlier than when the iPhone 5 went on sale. We think that it's way too early but around mid-September, we could receive some official word from Apple. [via iJailbreak]

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