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How to Use PS3 Controller on iOS to Play Touchscreen Games?

There is no denying the iPhone and iPad have become a fantastic gaming device over the years. However, the experience in some games is marred by the onscreen controls because, let's face it, touchscreen controls just don't work that well. Thankfully, there is a jailbreak application called Blutrol which lets you turn your gamepads as controllers for just about any touch screen game on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Today, we'll teach you How to Use PS3 Controller on iOS to Play Touchscreen Games.

How to Use PS3 Controller on iOS to Play Touchscreen Games

Before You Proceed, You'll Need:

  • A jailbroken iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch)
  • Blutrol jailbreak app which is available in Cydia for $6.99.
  • A PlayStation 3 DualShock controller
  • SixPair tool (Windows, Mac)

Steps on How to Use PS3 Controller on iOS to Play Touchscreen Games:

First, you will need to setup your PS3 controller which only needs to be done once. Once it's properly set up, the controller will be paired automatically with your iDevice every time.

Pairing iOS Device With PS3 Controller

For Windows:

  1. Download and run the SixaxisPairTool for Windows
  2. Plug the iDevice to the computer using the 30-pin cable or lightning cable.
  3. Using a USB cable, connect the PS3 controller and after a few seconds the Bluetooth address should come up.
  4. Once the pairing is done on your computer, acquire the iDevice's Bluetooth address by navigating to Settings > About > Bluetooth. Grab the address and input it into SixaxisPairTool and click Update.

For Mac:

  1. Download SixaxisPairTool for Mac and launch the app.
  2. Using a 30-pin or lightning cable, connect the iDevice to the computer.
  3. Connect the PS3 controller to your Mac computer using a USB cable.
  4. Click the button that says: "Pair Controller to [iDevice]"
  5. Once the pairing is successful, launch Blutrol in your iDevice, go the controller tab, select the PS3 controller, and just tap "Connect". After its connected, you can now remove the controller from your Mac.

So now, you can just select the PS3 controller within the Blutrol app as a Bluetooth device. If it does not appear at first, navigate to Settings > BTStack and tap "BTStack" and set it as the active Bluetooth system.

Setting Up the Games With Blutrol

Use PS3 Controller on iPhone and iPad

You will have to perform these steps only once per new game.

    1. Launch the game that you want to play using the PS3 controller. Make sure that the game has onscreen controls.
    2. Take a screenshot of the game while the onscreen controls are displayed. To take a screenshot press the power button and home button together and you should hear a shutter click.
    3. Exit the game and launch Blutrol.
    4. Go to the "Games" tab, then to the "+" sign.
    5. Choose the game which you just took a screenshot of.
    6. Select either portrait or landscape which will depend on how you took the screenshot, and select the screenshot you've just taken.
    7. Click "Add" and select the PS3 controller. Then tap either landscape or portrait whichever applies.
    8. Now you should see the screenshot with buttons laid over it. Basically, you will be assigning button combinations here. Drag around the gamepad buttons over the on-screen controls however you like. Once you're happy with your setup, just tap Done.

Blutrol App

  1. Now launch the game and you should be able to play using the PS3 controller.

You certainly have an edge when playing games on your iOS device. So that's how to use PS3 controller on iOS to play iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch games.

If you have any questions, be sure to let us know in the comments section. [via LifeHacker]

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