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How to Natively Enable iPad Version of Google Maps?

After the whole iOS 6 Maps debacle, Google released an official Google Maps app for the iOS. Although it's worth noting the mapping application does not natively support the iPad. This come as a bit of disappointment for iPad users because this means that they will have to rely on jailbreak tweaks such as RetinaPad or FullForce. Fortunately, there's a workaround that will natively enable the iPad version of Google Maps.

How to Natively Enable iPad Version of Google Maps

You Will Need:

  • A jailbroken iPad
  • Google Maps app (iTunes)
  • Software made for accessing the iPad's file system (I recommend iFunBox, but you can also use other tools like iFile, WinSCP, and Cyberduck)

Steps on How to Natively Enable iPad Version of Google Maps:

  1. Install the official Google Maps app from the App Store.
  2. Access your iPad via iFunBox and navigate to var/mobile/applications on your device
  3. Look for the Google Maps file (in case you used iFile, search the hierarchy for Google
  4. Browse into Google
  5. Find the info.plist file and open it
  6. Look for the "UIDeviceFamily" key, you should see the number 1 below it
  7. Modify the "1" value and change it to "2"
  8. Save the plist file and respring your device.

After that, launch Google Maps in your iPad and it should look like the app has been perfectly optimized for your tablet. It is also worth noting this trick also works on other basic apps, such as Google Voice and Instagram, but for the most part it doesn't work on games. To ensure that this trick works, you might want to install the Google Maps app from scratch. This means you will have to uninstall the app first, in case you already have it, for the best results.

Does this trick to enable iPad version of Google maps work for you? Let us know in the comments section. [via Reddit]

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