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Have Developers Already Succeeded to Jailbreak iOS 7? [IMAGE]

iOS 7 is just currently on its second pre-release version, so it's obvious that it's still way too early to talk whether it's possible to jailbreak iOS 7 or not. But it can't be helped. Most likely many of you have already asked yourself, it is possible to jailbreak iOS 7? A well-known tweak developer just posted an image, which suggests that he might have achieved such feat.

Jailbreak iOS 7 Untethered

Master tweak developer Ryan Petrich tweeted an image (see above) of what looks to be a jailbroken iPod touch 5 running on iOS 7. This is because from the image, it can be seen that Petrich's famous jailbreak tweak Activator is running on iOS 7. The tweet is shared with the caption “system version too new?”, which can also be seen in the popup in the image.

What do you think of this image? Could it be possible that someone has already cracked the jailbreak for iOS 7? Going through the comments in the tweet, it is possible that it is merely the iOS simulator that made this possible. If that's the case, then that's definitely a downer, as it could only mean that were being trolled. But then again, Petrich is a high-profile developer and it won't be surprising that he has his connections with jailbreak dev teams. We can't discount the possibility that an iOS 7 jailbreak is already available, although it could be a very early version.

With just this screenshot, there is not much to go on and we can only speculate. The features found in iOS 7 have somehow made a jailbreak unnecessary at some degree. However, it is always nice to have the freedom to modify any portion of the system as we see fit. A jailbreak will always be welcomed. Do you think it's now possible to jailbreak iOS 7?

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