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Famous Hacker GeoHot Released ActiveRoot Tool For Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S4

Those who have been jailbreaking since the early days of the iPhone should be familiar with hacker George Hotz aka GeoHot and his achievements. At first, he played a significant role of releasing numerous jailbreaks for the iOS, then he proceeded to hack the PlayStation 3, which got him into legal troubles with Sony. Now, it seems that he has set his eyes on the Android. Today, GeoHot released a tool that will enable users to easily root their Samsung Galaxy S4.

GeoHot ActiveRoot Tool

That's right folks, GeoHot just released ActiveRoot, which is shaping up to be the easiest way to root an Android device. In general, rooting an Android device is a bit more of a complicated affair when compared to jailbreaking an iDevice. But with this new ActiveRoot tool, Galaxy S4 users will simply need to install the .apk file and that's pretty much it, the device will become rooted.

ActiveRoot Tool Website

To start rooting the device, users will need to visit ActiveRoot's website on their Galaxy S4 Active. They will then need to tap the Lambda symbol to download and install the said apk file. They will then need to run the ActiveRoot tool and follow the on-screen instructions in order to root the device. In his usual cryptic ways, the instructions in GeoHot's website is rather plain with very minimal instructions and a download link at the bottom.

There seems to be a current trend wherein famous iOS hackers have been showing interest in Android. Back in May, Jay Freeman (aka Saurik) who's the famous founder of Cydia, released Cydia Substrate and Winterboard into the Android platform. When iOS 7 was unveiled, Pod2g, who's a key member of the Evad3rs team, expressed his disappointment with the new iOS and that he's considering to switch to Android. And now, we see GeoHot releasing the ActiveRoot tool for Android.

Are these signs of things to come?

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