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Does iMessage Spam Annoy You? Report It to Apple

iMessage is a competent instant messaging service that offers the most basic features and for the most part, it gets the job done. However, if you have used this messaging app before, you must have received those annoying spam messages. With that said, it seems Apple is taking some action against spam by implementing a new spam reporting tool for iMessage users.

iMessage Spam

In order to start reporting spam messages, you can report it to Apple by following the official instructions below:

If you’re seeing unwanted iMessages (spam) in Messages app, you can report those to Apple.

To report unwanted iMessage messages to Apple, please send an email with the following details to:

    1. Include a screenshot of the message you have received.

    2. Include the full email address or phone number you received the unwanted message from.

    3. Include the date and time that you received the message.

While most people would think spam messages aren't really that much of a big deal, Apple obviously begs to differ. In iOS 7, features such as the ability to block phone calls, messages or FaceTime calls has implemented which goes to show just how don't appreciate invasive interactions. Although, this way of reporting spam through email is kind of inconvenient. Why can't they just include a spam reporting tool within application itself?

Do you have problems with iMessage spam?

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