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Here are More Detailed Photos of Budget iPhone’s Rear Shell Compared to iPhone 5

Over the past few weeks, there have been a salvo of reports pointing to the possibility that the budget iPhone is actually a "thing." Dubbed as the "budget iPhone" or "iPhone Lite", an increasing number of leaks regarding the purported cheaper iPhone variety has been making the rounds. Most of these leaks show the device's rear shell which is made of plastic. Wondering how the budget iPhone would look like when compared side-by-side with the iPhone 5?

Budget iPhone & iPhone 5

Japanese magazine Weekly ASCII just shared several close-up images of the budget iPhone's plastic rear shell. Aside from the good detailed look at the yellow version of this plastic rear shell, it was also placed alongside the iPhone 5 for the sake of comparison. Based on the photos, the budget iPhone's rear shell appears to be slightly larger than the iPhone 5 and both carries the same layout of physical features. Although if you are going to compare the bottom, the microphone and speaker grille designs of the plastic shell is a lot more simplified.

Budget iPhone & iPhone 5_0

The design of the cover continues to be consistent with the layout of leaked iPhone 5S logic boards which might suggest that both devices will be fairly similar in terms of board designs.

Budget iPhone & iPhone 5_1

Of course, there is no solid confirmation that these leaked rear shells are genuinely leaked from Apple's manufacturers. For all we know, all of these leaks are simply unauthorized replacement parts especially when these so called leaks came from various sources. But still, most of these leaks are pretty consistent with long-running rumors regarding the budget iPhone. It's safe to say that once the actual product is revealed, it will be somehow similar to the leaks that have been floating around.

Budget iPhone Rear Shell

So what do you think of the budget iPhone at this point? Does it warrant a purchase despite its plastic shell? [via MacRumors]

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