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Apple to Discontinue iPhone 5 As iPhone 5S & Budget iPhone Lands This Fall

If you have been keeping tabs regarding Apple rumors, you would know that it is widely speculated that later this year, the Cupertino company will release a budget iPhone or "iPhone Lite" along with the iPhone 5S. With the release of such product lineup, it is also expected that Apple will stop offering the iPhone 4. But not only that, according to a Korean news site, Apple will also discontinue the production of iPhone 5 once the iPhone 5S and budget models drop in fall.

iPhone 5S

In order to make way for an all-lightning lineup, it's widely presumed that the Cupertino outfit will discontinue the production of iPhone 4 and 4S. This will enable the company to standardize around its latest connection standard and phase out the old 30-pin connector. However, according to Korean site, Apple will also discontinue the iPhone 5 once it launches the iPhone 5S.

According to the report, the in-cell technology used in the touchscreen of iPhone 5 is "not suitable for low-volume production", making it the primary factor on why Apple would stop the production of the phone and focus on producing parts for newer products. It is worth noting that Apple started using in-cell technology with the iPhone 5. The technology eliminates the need for a separate touchscreen layer, which makes way for thinner screen and improved image quality.

Apple to Discontinue iPhone 5

As it is right now, it's really hard to believe that Apple will actually discontinue the iPhone 5. It makes sense for the iPhone 4 and 4S to be discontinued since both devices have 3.5-inch display and the older 30-pin connector. But the iPhone 5 as well? Considering that Apple's strategy of selling older generation has worked so well in the past. But maybe that would change with the introduction of the budget iPhone.

What are your thoughts on this? [via MacRumors]

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