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Apple Celebrates App Store’s 5th Anniversary By Giving Us Free Apps

When it comes digital application distribution platform, there is no doubt that the App Store is the undisputed king. If you feel that the App Store has been around for like an eternity, you are not alone. That is because this week, the App Store will be celebrating its 5th anniversary. And to commemorate this particular milestone, Apple is currently feeling generous and is dropping the prices of several popular iOS apps and games all the way to $0. Get to the freebies after the jump.

App Store 5th Anniversary

In the past, the mobile industry isn't exactly seen as a legitimate gaming platform, especially by hardcore gamers. Over the past five years, things have already changed significantly and now we have games that approaches console quality. With CPUs and GPUs becoming even more powerful, we can expect more high-end games with superior graphic fidelity and sound design. Just take a look at games like Infinity Blade and most titles from Gameloft. Nobody thought that games like these are possible on a mobile device before. But now, they're being churned out on a regular basis.

With that said, the App Store has indeed come a long way with 900,000 apps strong.

From the 500 apps available at launch in 2008 to the more than 900,000 at your fingertips today, it’s been a remarkably prolific five years for the App Store. To celebrate, we’re giving everyone five landmark games and five groundbreaking apps for a limited time.

Below is the list of popular iOS games and apps that are currently free. Some of them have never been offered for free before so I suggest that you grab these offers before time runs out.



More developers will likely join in on the celebration, so that means more freebies for you. We'll be updating this post once we find more free stuff. You can also comment if there are notable freebies that we have missed.

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