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Angry Birds Star Wars II Announced, Launching on September 19th

One of the most successful, if not the most successful, franchise in iOS gaming is Rovio's Angry Birds series. After invading our mobile devices with five games, these temperamental avian creatures moved on to other forms of media, including an animated series and books. If, for some reason, the Angry Birds magic hasn't worn off for you yet, then we're happy to inform that Rovio just announced Angry Birds Star Wars II.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

One can say that Angry Birds and Star Wars is a very unlikely pair but Rovio begged to differ and met with pleasant results. As with all Angry Birds games, Angry Birds Star Wars became a very popular mobile game. Popular enough that it made Rovio conclude it needs a sequel. And lo and behold, the Finnish game developer just announced Angry Birds Star Wars II, which is slated for release on September 19.

Today, we’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of Angry Birds Star Wars II, launching on September 19 across app stores worldwide!

The new game will tackle the prequels, introducing a wide roster of never-before-seen Angry Birds Star Wars characters. The best part? You’ll get to play with over 30 of them!

The original Angry Birds Star Wars was based off the events from the first trilogy namely episodes IV, V, and VI. The sequel however, will tackle the events that happened in the prequel trilogy. Expect never-before-seen Star Wars characters to join in on the galactic beatdown. Rovio promises that you get to play with all the characters in the game, all 30 of them.

To keep things interesting, Rovio will also release 30 collectible TELEPODS figures from toy maker Hasbro at launch. When placed onto your phone or tablet camera, the character will be scanned and placed directly into the game. This is essentially allowing you to select new characters on the fly.

We'll keep you posted once the game touches down the App Store in September. What do you think of this new Angry Birds title? [via Rovio]

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